Java 8 Streams Deep Dive

Java 8 Streams Deep Dive

Streams are the new Java API that let's us manipulate collections of data in a declarative way. But this API is much more than just fancy iterators over collections of data.
Streams are the API that will completely change how we code in Java. In this talk we will make a deep dive in the Streams power, covering:
- Review Streams API covering filtering techniques, map-reduce, finding and matching and collectors;
- Learn how to build my own streams and collectors;
- Deep dive in parallels streams, spliterators and parallels best practices;
- Explore lazy evaluation and infinite streams;
The talk will consist of a balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications. Attendees will leave with deep knowledge of the theory and practical use of the power of the Streams API.


Eder Ignatowicz

June 28, 2016