Functional Programming in Java: Beyond The Hype

Functional Programming in Java: Beyond The Hype

How to incorporate functional programming features in our routines? And how to separate the hype of FP from the features that can really change your programming style? In this talk we look into features and strategies for raising your development to the new level promised by functional techniques. We:
Review Java's support for functional programming, comparing it pragmatically to the imperative paradigm
Deep-dive in the Streams API, covering filtering techniques, map-reduce, finding and matching, collectors and parallel streams
Explore lazy evaluation and infinite streams
Look into new approaches to recursion through Tail-Recursive functions and Memoization
The talk will consist of a balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications. Attendees will leave with concrete knowledge to improve their Java programming through application of functional programming principles and techniques.


Eder Ignatowicz

July 30, 2016