5 pillars of a successful Java Web application

5 pillars of a successful Java Web application

Swamped by new JavaScript frameworks that are born every 6 months? What about maintaining your enterprise application for longer than the 2-year lifecycle of these frameworks? This talk can provide you with insightful answers, share challenges and the solutions through the 5 pillars of a successful Java Web application extracted directly from the development of jBPM and Drools web workbenches.
Come and join me for this talk. I'll share how we're able to keep a 7-year old Java application, that combines modern techniques with a legacy codebase of more than 1 million LOC, up-to-date with an agile, sustainable and evolutionary web approach. Some key points you'll learn are:
* The advantages of Contract Based Development instead of a Framework Centric Development;
* How static typing is a central point in a huge web application;
* How we use the same programming model (Java EE) on the backend and browser ;
* How a Java to JS APIs allow your application to evolve over time and support heterogeneous (polyglot) web frameworks;
* The importance of a clean and unified UI framework for your enterprise architecture and how to do it on Java;


Eder Ignatowicz

July 11, 2017