Single Page Applications in Liferay

Single Page Applications in Liferay

Even modest improvements in latency can have measurable impact on a website usage. As such, sites should have aggressive goals for both actual and user perceived latency. The most obvious metric is load time, also websites often optimize and minify resources, however, even with cached resources the browser still has to re-parse and execute the CSS and JS on every page load, it still has to lay out the HTML and redraw the UI. This slows down the actual navigation but can also add perceived slowness and often introduces a white flash. In order to improve actual and perceived latencies many sites are moving to the Single Page Application (SPA) model. These days the approach is widely employed by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Flickr. These examples all feel kind of app-y. Sites with more traditional layouts can still reap the benefits. Some other folks like is technologically a single page application but it is intended to feel like a traditional website. This talk is going to teach you how to use a hybrid rendering model in an attempt to get the best out of both worlds.


Eduardo Lundgren

October 06, 2014