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Creating Facebook Ads

November 25, 2011

Creating Facebook Ads

Learn how to promote your business with a Facebook Ad.


November 25, 2011

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  1. Why Facebook Ads? When it comes to pay per click

    ads, Facebook Advertising is some of the most effective in the industry. It is tailored to fit your specific audience in one of their most well maintained facets of life: their Facebook Personal Page. This network allows you to focus on consumer likes and interests rather than guessing keywords. The ads appear on the right side of the screen, beside your wall, newsfeed, or any feature that you happen to be using. easyemerge.com
  2. Create an Ad Today The first step in reaping the

    benefits of a Facebook Ad is to create one. Here are step-by-step instructions to making a highly effective Facebook Ad campaign. easyemerge.com
  3. Step 1 You can begin at the Facebook homepage or

    Facebook.com. Advertising appears as the central term at the very bottom of the page. Click it. easyemerge.com
  4. Step 2 After reaching the “Facebook Ads” overview page, select

    the green “Create Ad” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. easyemerge.com
  5. Step 3 Enter the preliminary information into required fields such

    as the URL of your business’s website, the name of your advertisement, and the copy (text for your ad). easyemerge.com
  6. Don’t Forget! Don’t forget to upload a photo for your

    ad before continuing. easyemerge.com
  7. Step 4 When you continue to the next step, you

    can begin “targeting” your audience. Notice that box at the upper right-hand corner of your page that keeps a constant calculation of the number of people you will reach with your current combination of terms, interests, or keywords. easyemerge.com
  8. Step 5 Begin by entering specific locations that you would

    like to target. You can begin as broad as nations, or tighten your lens to cities. Do this by selecting the radio buttons below the “Location” criteria. easyemerge.com
  9. Step 6 Next, select the age and gender of the

    demographics that you are targeting. easyemerge.com
  10. Step 7 Lastly, enter your “Precise Interests” by typing in

    words or terms that coincide with the functionality of your business. Options will appear below, which displays groups or pages that have already accumulated likes. The people that interact with these special interests pages are targeted to view your advertisement. easyemerge.com
  11. Step 8 Before completing this section, make sure to finish

    your “Broad Category Targeting”. This is an interactive list of check boxes that allow you to select broad interests such as education, target family sizes, or zone-in on entertainment. easyemerge.com
  12. Step 9 The last phases of creating your Facebook Ad,

    “Campaigns, Pricing, and Scheduling,” allow you to view the bid for the ad, or the estimated price you will pay per click, set your daily budget, select the time zone of which you live. easyemerge.com
  13. Step 10 Voila! You’re Facebook advertisement is complete! This quick

    process opens the window for you to begin highly targeted, yet inexpensive, advertisements. easyemerge.com