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Keeping Facebook Fresh

November 25, 2011

Keeping Facebook Fresh

The ultimate "How To" guide for keeping your Facebook Fan Page interesting and increasing your following.


November 25, 2011

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  1. easyemerge.com Maybe we aren’t using the pop-up chat on Facebook

    as much. Or maybe we just aren’t getting as many “Friend Requests” as we were used to receiving. That doesn’t make Facebook obsolete or inactive. 695 million users and counting, according to the eMarketing Social Media Network, signify continuous and exponential growth within this global online community.
  2. easyemerge.com Keeping Facebook Fresh Some activities on Facebook have decreased

    in popularity. Searching contacts is down 13 percent and messaging on Facebook has plummeted 14 percent since 2009. This may seem like a threat to the social networking heavy weight, yet there are still areas that are open for growth and development. Even the world dominator, Facebook, has made room for improvements.
  3. easyemerge.com The network has made some surprising gains over the

    past few months. Media sharing seems to be the next great venture for Facebook as 51.5 million unique users watched videos on the network in July 2011. Facebook also happens to be the largest photo site in America. So what could millions of business professionals from around the globe take away from this?
  4. easyemerge.com Take Advantage of the Trends on Facebook Use these

    trends to improve your social networking efforts on Facebook. Try these four tips to increase your following on the world’s largest social network.
  5. easyemerge.com #1. Contribute to the Millions of Photos Facebook has

    been declared the largest photo sharing site in the US, and is making a huge impact on the international playing field as well. Take advantage of this by posting photos of your products, services, or projects on your Facebook Fan Page. Place the bait on your Facebook photos, and you could reel in your next big fish.
  6. easyemerge.com #2. Make Videos Go Viral Okay, so your branding

    may not include energetic animated characters that dance and sing, yet the perfect video could make your next client sing a sweet aria. Post videos of yourself giving expert advice to your industry or broadcast demonstrations and walk-throughs of your company’s latest projects. Facebook is one of the largest video hosting web sites on the planet; millions of eyes view it daily, including those of your next loyal client.
  7. easyemerge.com #3. Like or comment on videos and photos of

    colleagues Although business is extremely competitive today, showing a little enthusiasm toward a colleague’s work is important. A supportive demeanor builds respect in your community, and gives a great impression to potential leads. It’s the foundation for the trust that builds the relationships that lead to transactions.
  8. easyemerge.com #4. Make a killer first impression Your profile on

    Facebook is the ideal place to list your certifications, accomplishments, announcements, and last but not least, that stunning headshot. Your Facebook page is your first impression in the virtual world, so make sure it’s a good one! With Facebook as the largest photo web site in the United States, your photo could end up anywhere!
  9. Learn The best practices in social media Marketing from the

    experts at Learn the best practices for social media marketing with easyemerge.com