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Developing With Docker

Developing With Docker

An energetic romp through Docker's internals.



May 14, 2014


  1. Developing With Docker

  2. What is LXC? cgroups namespaces Linux Containers

  3. What is Docker? Built on LXC Manages images Builds images

    as layers
  4. Demo Time!

  5. Life before Docker Build out real nodes ($$$) Virtualize all

    nodes on your workstation Throw together all the extra hardware you have
  6. Where does it fit? Perfectly mirror environments Testing in a

    clean room environment Testing changes to your app quickly
  7. Why Docker? Public index Great community Awesome documentation Open Source

  8. Questions?

  9. Links https:/ /speakerdeck.com/endoze/ developing-with-docker https:/ /github.com/endoze/ docker_playground