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Waxii Integrations

Waxii Integrations

General considerations when developing a pipeline and other microservice based architecture.

Ersin Ertan

October 21, 2016

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  1. Waxii Integrations And Pipeline Considerations Oct 21st 2016 github.com/ Ersin-Ertan

  2. Compression Decompression https://github.com/clickalicious/php_zopfli - High compression, Med speed Brotli -

    General purpose compression format Snappy - https://github.com/kjdev/php-ext-snappy - Med compression, high speed
  3. Image Serving Pipeline http://thumbor.org/ - On demand image resizing, with

    support for Webp Webp - http://php.net/manual/en/function.imagewebp.php
  4. Microservice/Mobile Communication Inter server communication Client communication System Testability Frameworks,

    libraries, guides, support, community
  5. gRPC and Protobuf ? Will it work for this project,

    what are other considerations? https://github.com/grpc/grpc/tree/master/src/php http://www.grpc.io/docs/tutorials/basic/php.html https://vimeo.com/169707358 https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/ https://github.com/google/protobuf/tree/master/php - proto3 in alpha
  6. Alternative RPC and Message Passing What is more fully featured?

    What is the pain points? What requires manual config, what saves us from manual config? Apache Thrift - https://thrift.apache.org Apache Avro - https://avro.apache.org
  7. Firebase Database https://github.com/ktamas77/firebase-php - Based on Rest API

  8. Live Streaming(Broadcasting) - Reactive Web Adaptive Bitrate Streaming - Mpeg-Dash(International

    Standard)supports HTML5/dash.js), HLS(Apple), MSS(Microsoft) http://caniuse.com/ - Problem: Apple Only Supports HLS - HLS is not supported in newer browser technology Dash/HLS both use Http to split the stream into small sections |--|--|--|--| which can be sent to a CDN for scale. Using Http has latency problems due to chained processes. WebRTC(Audio-video-data p2p) W3C/IETF Standard (Safari doesn’t support) http://iswebrtcreadyyet.com https://webkit.org/status/#specification-webrtc
  9. Live Streaming(Broadcasting) HTTP streaming works with existing infrastructure. Older protocols

    require specialized streaming server infrastructure. Solution: Third party sdks, javascript libraries, may cost money, tend to encode HLS output and switch if not supported. Codecs: VP9 - open source no payment for license, H.264 streaming internet video that is free to end users - otherwise requires royalties payment
  10. Questions Thank You Oct 21st 2016 github.com/ Ersin-Ertan