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Backbase In Depth

Deb19bb8408191bc86c90b4ade6ffacd?s=47 Ersin Ertan
September 16, 2016

Backbase In Depth

Backbase in depth with a more technological view on the offering, and how integration works for your business.


Ersin Ertan

September 16, 2016


  1. Backbase In-Depth MMSofts Sep 16th 2016 github.com/ Ersin-Ertan

  2. In-Depth Technologies CXP Launchpad Forms Mobile SDK

  3. In-Depth Technologies CXP Launchpad Forms Mobile SDK

  4. CXP portal presentation layer using WOA with the layout editor

    using widgets interfacing with backend
  5. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  6. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  7. CXP Manager Graphical user interface for CXP Portal Management Page

    Management Permissions Definition Users and Group Management Content Items management Auditing Model Inspection Importing and Exporting
  8. CXP Manager: Import/Export Services Archives of Catalog Items are zipped

    containing: CXP Object Model of catalog item in XML Resources: templates, CSS, JavaScript, Media Archives of Portals are zipped containing: CXP Object Model of portal and children in XML CXP Object Model of Portal Catalog Enterprise Catalog items used by portal Content items used by portal Import and Export portals, pages, containers, widgets and other catalog items
  9. CXP Manager: Auditing Services Event logging for: Portal Services -

    successful create, update, delete operations and changes in permissions Publishing Services: publishing events Can be enabled individually
  10. CXP Manager: Versioning Services Navigate across different versions of pages

    and content items. On user publishing request, Publishing Services: Stores published items in Content Services Assigns them a version number Creates a new version even if request is rejected Only available in editorial environments; requires both Content Services, and Publishing Services
  11. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  12. CXP: Integration Services 1 Connect Backbase widgets with remote services/systems

  13. CXP: Integration Services 2 Apache Camel - Java framework for

    routing and mediation to DSL of Fluent API, Spring, Blueprint XML Configuration, Scala DSL. URIs with any transport model: HTTP, ActiveMQ, JMS, JBI, SCA, MINA, CXF, pluggable component and data formats. Bean binding integration with CDI, Spring, Blueprint, Guice Camel Java DSL - maven archetype for integration services Camel Spring XML DSL - maven archetype for integration services Enterprise Integration Patterns
  14. CXP: Integration Services 3 Backbase does not provide any out-of-the-box

    services Integration Services is embedded in Portal Services, but can build a standalone WAR file. Integration Services development uses Maven for project management Developer creates custom integration services for each connection to a remote source. Integration services can be used in widgets
  15. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  16. CXP: Portal Services 1 Main Module in CXP: Persists CXP

    Object Model in database Creates HTML view of CXP OM and returns it to clients Returns CXP OM as XML to clients Implement authentication and authorization and individual objects Integration with other modules to provide content to widgets Accessed via REST, CXP Manager Portal Services Mbeans monitored via JMX <=>
  17. CXP: Portal Services 2 Features: Portal and Page Management Authentication

    Authorization Personalization Unified Data Storage Release Management
  18. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  19. CXP: Content Services 1 Stores content items, makes them available

    to widgets In-Context Editing(ICE) within CXP Manager, Content Services stores and manages content. Can publish packages and supports Versioning. Repositories: Content Repository - for widgets(img, txt) Content Repository Portal Repository Internal Configuration Repository Resources Repository
  20. CXP: Content Services 2 Features: Content Aggregation Integration Administration Scalability

    Failover Implements parts of the CMIS standard
  21. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  22. CXP: Targeting Services 1 Allows portal to display alternative pages

    and container depending on criteria Uses Targeting Container(has multiple alternatives) Features: Audience Targeting Targeted Content Extensible Collectors Enterprise Integration User Interface Integration
  23. CXP: Targeting Services 2 1. Portal Services receives client request

    and forwards it to Targeting service 2. Collectors: collect data about the user from external sources, merge them into a user profile, store profile in temp cache 3. Portal Services retrieves the latest user profile related to the request 4. Rules engine evaluates selectors against the user profile. It selects the correct alternative of Targeting Container and returns it to the client. First alternative is always selected, else fallback
  24. CXP Services CXP Manager Portal Content Publishing Integration Mashup(Deprecated) Targeting

  25. CXP: Publishing Services CXP Manager interfaces with publish services for

    monitoring, approving/denying, publishing Page publishing Content Publishing Release Management Versioning Transfers pages and content items across different environments via Orchestrator Configurable publishing chains Four-eye principle (request/approve) User interface integration
  26. In-Depth Technologies CXP Launchpad Forms Mobile SDK

  27. Launchpad 1 Backbase Component Library Page Custom Properties Rest API

  28. Launchpad 2 Launchpad and Forms are installed with Archetype Maven

  29. Launchpad: Component Library Wealth Collection Retail Collection Commercial Collection Each

    collection has a unique set of Widgets, Features, Containers, Themes, and Templates
  30. Launchpad: Page Custom Properties Use REST API or Explorer app

    in Portal Manager to add custom properties Added to each item individually or to a master page Pages inherit all properties from parent master page
  31. Launchpad: REST API Contains 40+ APIs with banking, account, and

    security features DBP Integration includes: End to End Flow Launchpad Integration Services Flow Backbase Integration Bus Flow Session/Login Flow
  32. In-Depth Technologies CXP Launchpad Forms Mobile SDK

  33. Forms Form Studio: create and maintain forms Form Runtime: execute

    a form Form Publisher: publish a form from one environment to another
  34. Forms: Studio 1 Runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server -

    Requires .NET on client Saves forms in XML - uses auth. to determine edit/publish permissions Management services via SOAP from Forms Publisher/Forms Runtime Forms Studio interface element uses XBAP technology requiring Internet Explorer Uses client and server layers internally to maintain repository
  35. Forms: Studio 2 Complete revision control Work with external and

    internal libraries Multilingual elements User and access management Working with multiple projects
  36. Forms: Publisher Stand alone app - retrieve forms from Form

    Studio Publish from Forms Studio to Forms Publisher database Forms Runtime environment can connect to database and publish forms through Forms Publisher client(if is a plug-in of Forms Runtime)
  37. Forms: Runtime 1 Forms Engine - retrieves forms from Forms

    Studio or database and transforms XML to HTML(or more) Transformations to HTML and Vaadin, can create more with XSLT with custom design Custom dashboard to run forms Plug-ins/APIs to extend/customize functionality
  38. Forms: Runtime 2 Runs on top of app server Apache

    Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, exposing forms SDK with Forms engine. Web app of Forms Runtime handles web interaction, and supports plug ins
  39. Questions Thank You Sep 16th 2016 github.com/ Ersin-Ertan