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Backbase Fundamentals

Ersin Ertan
September 15, 2016

Backbase Fundamentals

Backbase digital banking software platform and the CXP customer experience platform and general information. Clear and concise explanation of the concepts and how it may apply to your bank.

Ersin Ertan

September 15, 2016

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  1. Backbase Products CXP (Customer Experience Platform) Portal Content Targeting Mobile

    Forms DBP (Digital Banking Platform Product Suite) Launchpad CXP Services CXP Manager DBS (Digital Banking Service) Digital Banking Apps
  2. CXP (Customer Experience Platform) Presentation layer over existing infrastructure, joining

    individual data sources Allows business/marketing teams to manage the customer for online sales Allows stakeholder to monitor and optimize the interactions
  3. CXP Technology 1 Portal - presentation site, business + security,

    data object access Widget - standalone software containers that interface with REST-ful services, providing native implementations of logic and presentation Widget Creation - HTML, JavaScript, CSS Launchpad - pre-built widget packs, customized portal, extensible
  4. CXP Technology 2 Mobile - SDK connects widgets to provide

    the same presentation layer. Visual Page Editor - content and campaign management for business teams (IT- support not needed) Omni-Channel - digital marketing, tracking, tagging Forms - customer data entry and workflow management
  5. DBP (Digital Banking Platform) Launchpad - bank specific widget packs

    CXP Manager - visual editor for business and marketing teams CXP Services - connects backends via WOA/SOA micro-services to CXP Manager or Launchpad DBS (Digital Banking Services) - connects core systems to services with APIs, connects services to CXP with APIs Digital Banking Apps - Open banking marketplace for 3rd party software vendors
  6. CXP Manager - tool for business editors, and digital marketing

    team to edit the presentation layer, and UX flow. Launchpad - prebuilt presentation layer, UX. Allows customer to self service. CXP Services is the foundation layer for CXP Manager or Launchpad. Allows it to interface their existing infrastructure with the Customer Experience Platform. CXP Manager Vs. Launchpad
  7. Digital Banking Apps Banking dashboard Accounts and transaction Transfers and

    payments Bill pay Split and share Deposits and loans Personal finance management Places Personal profile My apps Address book Messaging Secure access Document and research
  8. DBP for Commercial Banking 1 Dashboard with role based permissions

    for CFO, treasurers, payment officers, payment clerks Silo apps unified into one customer experience Single sign on across apps, with 2 factor security Direct integration with entitlement engine for different users to have different level of access and permissions Can use existing workflows, business process tools for multi user collaboration
  9. DBP for Commercial Banking 2 Internal secure chat, mail, notifications

    Payments by Wire/ACH, international payment for business Monitor payment activity Batch payment in any format Cash management works with existing management systems Money transfer, short loan, fx trade calculator
  10. DBP for Commercial Banking 3 Alerting and messaging for account

    behaivour Real time graphing for cashflow Accounting system integration, import payable and invoices Payment prediction and alerts for currency shortfall Schedule and approve payments with invoice and vendor info on screen Document center for agreements, document, checks, payments
  11. DBP for Commercial Banking 4 News and market research per

    industry Include independent analyst research and market commentary from external and internal analysts FX trade, view current market rates and spread costs Support and execute real time spot, forward, window and swap contracts
  12. DBP for Wealth Management Dashboard Portfolio viewer Portfolio Manager Client

    advisor communication Money transfers News and stock alerts Accounts and transactions Financial planning Document and research