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May 21, 2012


JSConf.AR 2012 - Who is Jorge Luis Borges and why would you talk about him at a JavaScript conference?


May 21, 2012

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  1. @fat May 2012 Jorge Luis Borges

  2. I’m @fat

  3. I work at twitter

  4. I write libraries

  5. Bootstrap Hogan.js Ender

  6. I even read real books from real libraries sometimes

  7. I’ve made it a point to talk about books

  8. We’re in ARGENTINA

  9. None
  10. Jorge Luis Borges

  11. But what should I really talk about?

  12. 1899 Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo

  13. Primarily educated by his parents and english grandmother

  14. Translated The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde at 9 years

  15. His family moves around Europe a lot, trying to evade

    the war
  16. Ultraísmo the avante-garde, anti-modernist movement

  17. 1921 Borges returns to Argentina

  18. Just two years later he publishes his first book of

  19. He continues to publish new works every 2-3 years

  20. 1937 father falls ill and Borges takes up first full

    time job
  21. First assistant for a small branch of the municipal library

  22. 9 years he hates it

  23. Hides in the basement writes a bunch

  24. Perón gains power and Borges is promoted to a new

    position as an agricultural inspector
  25. None
  26. Declines and accepts work as a lecturer of English literature

  27. After Perón and Borges named Director of National Library

  28. The same year doctor informs him that he’s too blind

    to ever read or write on his own again
  29. No one should read self-pity or reproach into this statement

    of the majesty of God, who with such splendid irony granted me books and blindness in one touch. Borges Poem of the Gifts
  30. As I read this, I began to think about our

  31. How many would actually be accessible by Borges?

  32. So I went to Github

  33. And I sampled the top 15 UI libraries with 1500+

  34. Bootstrap, impress.js, chosen, jquery-file-upload, jquery-ui, spin.js, deck.js, Skeleton, Foundation, showoff,

    file-uploader, isotope, timeline, etherpad-lite, colorbox
  35. Of 15 libraries only one was optimised for accessibility

  36. it wasn’t Bootstrap

  37. None
  38. Clearly, I know nothing about accessibility

  39. I had heard of ARIA, I knew there were some

  40. So I started to ask, “What is this accessibility thing

  41. So I started digging through the W3C

  42. None
  43. Later I find out the bro in the photo is

    Daniel Dardailler
  44. Around Fall 96’ Web Accessibility Initiative is “conceived”

  45. Official press release for WAI ~9 months later

  46. Remember, this is 1996

  47. January 1997 the W3C releases HTML 3.2

  48. By then CSS 1.0 had been around for about a

  49. Despite this, WYSIWYGs doing crazy WYSIWYG s**t

  50. No alt, presentational attrs, incorrect H1’s, blockquote, font tags

  51. Other insane techniques also pop up like Frames for templating

  52. Dec 97’ we find the first notes on accessibility in

    HTML 4.0
  53. Oh Hai semantic markup, doc structure, title, lang, and more

  54. Meanwhile WYSIWYGs are still WYSIWYGing and getting worse

  55. Finally in 99’ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0

  56. This was the first set of international guidelines developed by

    the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) with the intent of providing information for web developers to create accessible web content
  57. Surely this will save the web

  58. Nope WYSIWYGs gonna WYSIWYG

  59. W3C release the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 1.0, and

    HTML 4.01
  60. MS Frontpage and Dreamweaver say “Cool Story Bro”

  61. Some developers are starting to get the idea

  62. But they’re forced to use external plugins like HTML tidy

  63. These people were considered “Pioneers”

  64. CMS gains popularity, even more sad times

  65. Sep 2000 the WAI try again with WCAG 2.0

  66. 6 years later the WAI announce it’s final working draft

  67. People go full internet and write “To Hell with WCAG

  68. Developers hoping for “Accessibility for the real world”

  69. This same year WAI releases the first working draft for

    the Roadmap for Accessible Rich Internet Applications
  70. Specific to Web content and Web applications \o/

  71. Roles and Implementation Guides

  72. This is where we are today and it’s not that

  73. So how do I close issue #931?

  74. How do I do my part to reach every person

    on the planet?
  75. Easy i just close it

  76. None
  77. Reopen 10 new tickets One for each interactive component

  78. Use tickets to draft implementation details around Accessibility

  79. Use Aria’s “12 General Steps for Building an Accessible Widget”

  80. Reach out to specialists and organize hackathons

  81. Jacob @fat poll: If we provided food, drink, and twitter

    office, would you be interested in coming in to hack on bootstrap accessibility w/ @mdo and I?
  82. and then just... try to do stuff

  83. In just 3 days I’ve dramatically improved accessibility

  84. Dialogs now limit focus to active area

  85. Dropdowns now support keyboard navigation

  86. Tabs are now focusable widget areas

  87. I’ve added aria roles to dialogs, buttons, toolbars, and more

  88. But maybe most importantly I’ve talked to you about accessiblity

  89. follow @fakeangus