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Brûlons les musées

April 03, 2012

Brûlons les musées


April 03, 2012

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  1. We affirm that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by

    a new beauty: the beauty of speed. Filippo Marinetti
  2. Destroy everything that is past, and amidst the wild ecstasy

    of destruction, let man be reborn as a child, a hero, and a free denizen of the future. Dezso Szabo
  3. We should burn all libraries and allow to remain only

    that which everyone knows by heart. Hugo Ball
  4. I’d whistle at Dick and say, “Can I have your

    sine subroutine?” and I’d copy it out of his notebook. Grace Murray Hopper
  5. As early as 1944 we started putting together things which

    would make it easier to write more accurate programs and get them written faster. Grace Murray Hopper
  6. Wheeler, Wilkes, and Gill designed a set of subroutines for

    a computer before it was implemented, and there was for the first time an available set of mathematical subroutines which were more or less standardized in the way you put data into them and the way you got data out of them, and made it possible to begin to write programs a little more rapidly. Grace Murray Hopper
  7. As I went along in the process of standardizing the

    subroutines, I recognized something else was happening in the prgramming group. We were using subroutines. We were copying routines from one program into another. Two things wrong with that: programmers are lousy adders. Programmers are lousy copyists (B’s turned into 13’s, 4’s into A’s). It therefore seemed sensible instead of having programmers copy the subroutines, to have the computer copy the subroutines. Out of that came the A-0 compiler. Grace Murray Hopper
  8. Jacob Thornton @fat 22 Feb New Interview question: You have

    45 minutes to write jQuery from scratch. Get as far as you can. Start from wherever you’d like.
  9. What if going forward we defined a library not by

    it’s implementation, but by it’s test suite?