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Tacit CSS Framework

Tacit CSS Framework

Small Talk given about Tacit on Adidas Community of Practice session on Oct 4th, 2018

Filipe Freire

October 04, 2018

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  1. Tacit CSS Framework Filipe Freire, October 2018 Community of Practice

  2. Quick intro Learner, tester, developer, husband, 
 OSS contributor 3y

    working as a “coding” tester
 1y working as developer Visit my blog, filfreire.com Currently @
  3. Tacit github.com/yegor256/tacit

  4. So… It’s a CSS framework.

  5. ¿Another CSS Framework?

  6. ¿Another CSS Framework?

  7. It’s for dummies who want their web services to look

    attractive but have almost zero skills in graphic design.
  8. Include it in HTML. Done. 
 No CSS classes needed.

  9. Let’s see a demo! Code used in the demo available

    at github.com/filfreire/demo-tacit
  10. Thank you. Questions? filfreire filrfreire filfreire.com