You don't need a DevOps to "be DevOps"

You don't need a DevOps to "be DevOps"

A bit of my personal experience on working in environments with:
- No DevOps people or mindset
- DevOps people
- DevOps mindset


Filipe Freire

August 03, 2017


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    Quick intro About Me: Husband, Tester, Developer, Gamer, Learner, Hard-worker

    Experience: • <2y as Test Engineer • 1y as Developer Currently work @
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    Before DevOps Big focus on Small picture: 
 development over

    process No automation or deployment pipeline and tools: - Alerts & monitoring? Nope.
 - Dependency management? Maybe for vendor stuff
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    Before DevOps Integration? Infrastructure? (examples) - Maintaining physical and virtual

 - Virtualization? Containers?
 - Going to the server room. Hard drives burning.
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    Before DevOps Thing is… we had good tech & tools.

    But, We didn’t pay attention to the process itself. Why? Individual effort & projects.
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    Having a DevOps person Things start too change. - Good

    deployment & integration pipelines
 - Containers everywhere!!
 - Infrastructure? No worries (AWS, Azure, etc)
 - Feedback! Monitoring! (& Amazing Ops people).
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    Having a DevOps person Perfection? Nope. “It’s the DevOps fault/problem,

    not ours”
 “It’s the programmers fault”
 “Pipeline? Only the DevOps know that magic”
 “I need a release/deploy, how do I do it?”

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    Having a team with DevOps mindset Here I had an

    internal clash:
 How’s it possible? No DevOps person? Now it’s the team’s problem. Everyone knows the pipelines and the process. Ops are transparent: Anyone can dissect issues.
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    Quick Learnings You still need experts! Critics:
 - More stuff

    to handle, more stress…
 - Developers in sync & w/ mindset but…
 does “management” keep the pace?
 - You can have all the greatest tech but…
 Lack of vision and process: all is in vain.
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    Future improvements Finding Balance. 
 Improvement is not guaranteed always.

    No matter the approach: 
 You need skilled but solid & brave team-players. Same applies for management people.