Quality Foundations

Quality Foundations

Talk presented on Adidas Testing Day in Zaragoza, 6 February 2019
"Since the early 90's the difference between testing, quality assurance and quality control has been fairly documented by some of the most important software testing authorities in the world. Still, to this day, the difference between each is still poorly understood by people not involved with testing or quality, and sometimes most of the issues we see in a development process come both from misunderstandings in these topics and also from handicapped foundations in the overall development process.
In this talk I'll introduce the difference between each in a practical manner so anyone involved in software development can comprehend, and I'll go over a set of actions you can take both from the genesis of a project and also once it's full-speed in development, that have the potential to improve common handicapped foundations in processes, and at the end provide more perceived quality both for customers as well as the people developing a product."


Filipe Freire

February 06, 2019