Bowing Vision

Bowing Vision

IoT device & service support improvement of string instrument



March 31, 2017


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    Actionable insight to improve your bowing First Four Notes, LLC

    New service for string instrument training
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    "OBMZ[FCPXJOHXJUITNBMMTFOTPST Get and Analyze data from sensors on hand and

    elbow. you can visually understand how you move the bow and get right motion of arm.
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    8IBUQSPCMFNTBSFXFUSZJOHUPTPMWF ・It is difficult to take time to have a

    lesson. It is difficult to find a teacher. (especially in the countryside) ・It is difficult to get enough students. It is difficult to find place and time. ⇨ Online lesson is one of possible solutions
  4. 5.

    8IBU QSPCMFNTBSFXFUSZJOHUPTPMWF Problem of Online Lesson ・Video and commentary is

    not enough to teach string instrument. Raise your elbow more Don’t move your wrist! Every time I'm pointed out. But I'm raising my elbow properly I have not moved my wrist. However··· I wonder what's wrong
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    #PXJOH7JTJPONBLFMFTTPOFBTJFS You practice at home with Bowing Vision. upload the

    bowing data. Teacher make proper advice based on student’s bowing data Teacher uploads reference data for student’s self-study
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    4FMGTUVEZBOESFWJFXBOZUJNFZPVMJLF By tracing the teacher’s reference, student can do self-study

    with high efficiency Student will find out how to move arms By themselves Student can learn by themselves, consciously
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    Using the latest technologies, create more fun and happy scene

    for “people who play music” and “people who listen to music”