Easy logins for Ruby web applications

Easy logins for Ruby web applications

Users hate picking and having to remember them. Developers hate dealing with and storing them. Why are we still using passwords again? Surely there is a better way to log into websites.

This talk will introduce the technology behind Persona and the BrowserID protocol. Mozilla intends to solve the password problem on the web with a federated cross-browser system that is intensely focused on user experience and privacy.

We may not be able to get rid of all passwords, after all, you probably don’t want to be subjected to a fingerprint check before leaving a comment on someone’s blog, but we can eliminate site-specific passwords and replace them with something better: a decentralized system that’s under the control of users, not a for-profit gatekeeper.

It’s just four easy steps to add it to your Ruby site/app from scratch and there are already plugins for Devise, Omniauth, Rails, Sinatra, and Warden.


Francois Marier

October 15, 2013