Live Hacking on a Raspberry Pi Cluster: From Docker Swarm to Enterprise Kubernetes

Live Hacking on a Raspberry Pi Cluster: From Docker Swarm to Enterprise Kubernetes

Docker, Docker Swarm, Raspberry Pi, Kubernetes, CNCF, Oracle Kubernetes, Oracle Wercker.

Used at Oracle CODE Shenzen, Meetup HKOUG Hong Kong, CODE Buenos Aires, CODE Berlin.


Frank Munz

May 06, 2018


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    munz & more Docker Live Hacking: From Raspberry Pi to

    Kubernetes Oracle CODE 2018 US, China, Argentina, Germany Dr. Frank Munz
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    2 Dr. Frank Munz • Founded munz & more in

    2007 • 17 years Oracle Middleware, Cloud, and Distributed Computing • Consulting and High-End Training • Wrote two Oracle WLS and one Cloud book • Twitter: @frankmunz
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    Solves the “Worked For Me!” issue munz & more #4

    OS tools, JDK, patches, database driver, libs, appserver, domain, deployment, tools, scripts Docker OS utils, JDK, patches, database driver, libs, appserver, domain, deployment, tools, scripts Integration, Performance, Acceptance Testing Production dockerize it! You can pass environment variables for specific settings e.g. in prod Docker Registry
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    Docker in the Cloud? Supported by every major cloud provider:

    munz & more #5 On premise -> all clouds Docker Registry Docker Container Service EC2 Container Service Google Container Engine Azure Container Service Bluemix Containers
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    A stranger gives you a box at night and asks

    you to connect it to your company network: Would you do it? what should be your biggest nightmare: unknown and unofficial images 10s of thousands
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    Oracle Docker Images You have three main options 1.DIY: Dockerfile

    from Oracle github 2.Oracle Container Registry 3.Docker Hub munz & more #13
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    Orchestration Options • On premises: – Docker Swarm, Kubernetes •

    Oracle Cloud, easy: – Container Cloud Service (OCCS) • Oracle Cloud Enterprise: Kubernetes – Container Engine (OCE) – Free CI/CD Wercker included munz & more #16
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    Design Goals for Mini • Hands-on Raspi experience • Distributed

    Kubernetes setup & Docker Swarm setup • HA / failover / rolling updates • Have a fun project munz & more #18 Others have build Raspi clusters as well. A lot of credit goes to Roland Huss, Alex Ellis etc
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    DIY Raspi Docker Cluster munz & more #20 Component Price

    Raspi 4x 38€ Micro SD 4x 11€ Power 28€ Wifi 22€ Case 30€ Wires 10€
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    K8s • YAML configuration, declarative, uses labels • Pod: Containers

    sharing IP, network, filesystem – IP is ephemeral • Replica Set (was Replication Controller) – Manages PODs: restarts replicas • Services – Like a proxy, exposes pod – Permanent IP munz & more #22
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    Docker Swarm • Native Docker cluster with same API as

    a single engine -> part of Docker • Fast provisioning, about 500 msec • Various scheduling algorithms: spread, binpack, rand • No insecure mode J munz & more #23
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    Kubernetes or Swarm? • Swarm wasn’t impressive when released, but

    this has changed • Swarm is much easier to understand and to operate • Swarm covers a lot of what K8s does • Industry standard: Kubernetes – See Oracle, AWS, Azure, Google cloud – Kubernetes supported by Docker munz & more #24
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    OCCS • Easy way to run Docker container in Oracle

    cloud • No need to install Docker, Kubernetes, buy machines etc. • Integrates with Docker hub and Oracle Container registry • Does neither use Kubernetes nor Docker Swarm
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    Wercker • Recently acquired by Oracle • Pipelines execute steps

    on code – Pipelines == series of steps – Execute inside Docker container • Workflows == chained and branched pipelines • Quickly provision ready to run infrastructure – Push images to any registry – Restart OCCS via webhooks munz & more #37
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    Predictions • Kubernetes is now de-facto standard for enterprises. •

    You will not dockerize 80% of your enterprise IT in the next 24 months. • Docker is somehow like the new Linux: Be ready to experience that cutting edge feeling we had with Linux 12 years ago J • Kubernetes is (sometimes) the new PaaS. munz & more #40
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    TL;DR @docker #cloud Docker is used in production / many

    products offered as Docker images / cross cloud / Docker orchestration is needed / #swarm is the easier #k8s / OCE or OCCS & Wercker removes heavy lifting / Oracle caught the trend! / if Kubernetes then cloud service? / emerging CNCF: Jaeger, Graphana, Prometheus + also: Fn Project @frankmunz
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    3 Membership Tiers • Oracle ACE Director • Oracle ACE

    • Oracle ACE Associate 500+ Technical Experts Helping Peers Globally Connect: Nominate yourself or someone you know: @oracleace