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GDG Reading & Thames Valley DevFest 2015 Code Dojo

GDG Reading & Thames Valley DevFest 2015 Code Dojo

Code dojo using the word wrap kata, based on London Code Dojo 33 (https://speakerdeck.com/sleepyfox/code-dojo-33) by @sleepyfox

Florian Rathgeber

November 14, 2015

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  1. Introductions Say the three things: • Your name • What

    you do (at work) • A random factoid about you personally Yesterday, I had ducklings raining down onto my balcony...
  2. What does it mean? Kata means: 'Way of doing' A

    form or choreographed series of motions designed to teach a particular skill or pattern
  3. Deliberate practice • Gladwell[1] et. al. 10 yrs or 10,000

    hrs practice to achieve expert performance • But practice must: – be focussed – be goal-directed – stretch your abilities – give continuous feedback – be followed by self-reflection
  4. Simple Design Simple Design is code that: 1.Passes all the

    tests 2.Is clear, expressive and consistent 3.Duplicates no behaviour or configuration 4.Minimises the number of moving parts
  5. Format • Pair up (self-organise) • We present the kata

    (problem to be solved) • Focus for one pomodoro (25 mins) • Stop, take 5 min break to: – Demo your code to anyone nearby – Get food or drink – Reflect...
  6. Kata: That's a wrap! • As part of a text

    editor application, write a function or method that takes: – A string of text (potentially long), and – A number of columns • It returns the same string, with newlines at or before the column length, placed if possible at word boundaries
  7. Thank you Thank you @frathgeber on twitter Twitter hashtag #devfestrtv

    GDG DevFest Reading & Thames Valley 2015 Slides based on London Code Dojo 33 by @sleepyfox creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0