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Making a splash with your open source project

Making a splash with your open source project

So you've written a bunch of code, and you think others might find it useful. You open source it, and... profit, right? Well, no. PyPI is filled with thousands of projects that have been released with the best of intentions, but never really break into the mainstream. How do you escape this trap, and maximize the chance that your project will actually be used, grow and thrive?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrXXYBr1rlA


Russell Keith-Magee

July 19, 2016


  1. Making a Splash with your open source project Dr Russell

    Keith-Magee DjangoCon US 2016
  2. Making a Splash with your open source project Dr Russell

    Keith-Magee DjangoCon US 2016
  3. None
  4. None
  5. How to win at open source

  6. Cargo cult

  7. Don't be an Underpants Gnome

  8. Goals of your project

  9. "You might find this useful"

  10. "I want everyone to use this"

  11. "You might find this useful" vs "I want everyone to

    use this"
  12. Communicate your intentions

  13. Communicate your intentions

  14. Everything changes

  15. Setting up for success

  16. Out of the box experience matters.

  17. http://goo.gl/Epzms

  18. None
  19. None
  20. Backwards compatibility

  21. Time is relative.

  22. “ A rule of thumb that has worked for me

    is that if I'm excited to play around w ith something it probably doesn't belong in production ” Maciej Ceglowski (Pinboard)
  23. Tools vs ecosystems

  24. Jacob's Tractor

  25. Tools vs ecosystems

  26. Metcalfe's Law: The utility of a network increases with the

    square of it's participants.
  27. The role of communication in success

  28. CherryPy TurboGears Repoze.BFG

  29. Technical superiority isn't enough

  30. Django Evolution

  31. Sales & Marketing

  32. What works? What doesn't?

  33. Wild-ass guess

  34. Wild ass-guess

  35. Django Right place, right time Excellent documentation Python Opinionated 90%

    solution "Be nice" community
  36. Django Evolution Right place, right time Badly communicated message

  37. Cricket Controversial idea Odd graphical choices Didn't follow up

  38. Beeware Toga VOC Batavia Rubicon Briefcase

  39. Beeware Umbrella branding Aggressively nice Aggresive outreach Focus on onboarding

    Acknowledge all contributions Reward contributors
  40. Beeware Vocal on social media Balanced attitude to accepting patches

    Set community culture & expectations
  41. Fortune favours the prepared mind

  42. Thank you! russell@keith-magee.com @freakboy3742 cecinestpasun.com pybee.org