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Things your parents didn't teach you about sharing your toys

Things your parents didn't teach you about sharing your toys

Your parents probably taught you to share your toys with the other children, and that same philosophy is at the core of the FOSS movement. However, what your parents didn't tell you is that out in the real world, it's not just about sharing. If you share code without a good understanding of the legal and social systems surrounding software development, you can find yourself in hot water.


Russell Keith-Magee

July 19, 2016


  1. Things your parents didn't teach you about sharing your toys

    Dr Russell Keith-Magee DjangoCon US 2016
  2. Things your parents didn't teach you about sharing your toys

    Dr Russell Keith-Magee DjangoCon US 2016
  3. Trigger warning: Depression and burnout

  4. None
  5. None
  6. Sharing toys

  7. Si vis pacem, para bellum

  8. None
  9. Copyright

  10. What is copyright?

  11. What does it mean to own a copyright?

  12. Copyrights and licensing

  13. Software copyright and licensing

  14. Copyleft

  15. Pop quiz: Who owns the copyright for Django?

  16. Answer: Copyright (c) Django Software Foundation and individual contributors. All

    rights reserved.
  17. Contributor License Agreements

  18. Developer's Certificate of Origin developercertificate.org

  19. Accepting a DCO Signed-off-by: John Smith <jsmith@example.com> $ git commit

  20. Copyright assignment

  21. Work for hire

  22. How to grant a license

  23. What license to grant?

  24. Use one of the well known licenses MIT BSD Apache

    LGPL GPL Creative Commons GFDL
  25. Pay attention to Your goals

  26. Pay attention to your community

  27. Pay attention to the nature of your work

  28. Multiple licenses

  29. What, no license?!

  30. Code snippets e.g. Stack Overflow

  31. Public Domain

  32. Don't roll your own.

  33. Unexpected consequences

  34. Trademarks

  35. What is a trademark?

  36. How do you get one?

  37. None
  38. Python

  39. Trademarks have scope

  40. Downloadable open source computer software for use in connection with

    internet publishing and website development Django Software Foundation, OR
  41. Picks for guitars and other musical instruments Breezy Ridge Instruments,

  42. Perfumes, rouge, face powders, toilet waters, cologne waters, cosmetic skin

    creams and lotions, lipsticks, nail lacquers, hair lotions, lotions for the beard, bath salts, talcum powder, and dentifrices
  43. Does this really matter?

  44. Getting permission to use

  45. Trademark license

  46. Nominative use

  47. Using trademarks

  48. It's not just about lawyers

  49. Sales & Marketing

  50. Trigger warning: Depression and burnout

  51. The giving tree

  52. The giving tree == Your Open Source project

  53. Depression & burnout

  54. Institutionalize exits

  55. Don't assume resources are free

  56. A side effect Enabling Diversity

  57. Now run along and have fun!

  58. Thank you! russell@keith-magee.com @freakboy3742 cecinestpasun.com pybee.org