Open Sourcing Mental Illness - Nodevember 2014

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November 16, 2014

Open Sourcing Mental Illness - Nodevember 2014

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November 16, 2014


  1. Open Sourcing Mental Illness Ed Finkler @funkatron • Nodevember

    2014 • #nodevember
  2. Who I am

  3. An informal survey

  4. How it affects us

  5. 1 in 5

  6. Level of disability

  7. Disease burden

  8. My diagnoses

  9. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  10. Adult ADHD

  11. Meds I take

  12. Lexapro Buspar Strattera Klonopin

  13. I see a therapist

  14. What it’s like

  15. We don’t “present” as sick

  16. Anxiety

  17. Intensity of emotion

  18. Problems focusing

  19. Spiraling chains of thought

  20. Obsessing on negative events

  21. Feeling alone/unlike anyone else

  22. I'm broken and I will never be right

  23. Suicidal thoughts and self-mutilation

  24. None
  25. As a developer

  26. Positives

  27. Interviewing

  28. Managers & Bosses

  29. Making your workplace safe

  30. Mental Health in Tech Survey Results US Non-self employed only;

    as of 9/13/2014
  31. Do you feel that your employer takes mental health

    as seriously as physical health?
  32. Do you think that discussing a health issue with your

    employer would have negative consequences? Mental Physical
  33. Would you bring up a health issue with a potential

    employer in an interview? Mental Physical
  34. Do you know the options for mental health care your

    employer provides?
  35. Does your employer provide resources to learn more about mental

    health issues and how to seek help?
  36. Is your anonymity protected if you choose to take advantage

    of mental health or substance abuse treatment resources?
  37. Don't know Very easy Somewhat easy Somewhat difficult Very difficult

    How easy is it for you to take medical leave for a mental health condition?
  38. Sick workers don’t work

  39. 41%

  40. 8 years

  41. Mental Health First Aid 202.684.3736

  42. We cannot stay silent

  43. I need your help. Talk. Share. Learn.

  44. Thank you for listening •