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DotNet Meetup - Jan 2017 - Intro

DotNet Meetup - Jan 2017 - Intro

Introduction deck to the Jan 2017 Belfast .NET Meetup at INSTIL

Gareth Burns

January 23, 2017

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  1. V1.3 - Winter 2017

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  2. Happy
    New Year

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  3. Welcome to our first meetup of 2017
    • Hosted and supported by INSTIL
    • .NET News
    • Two talks tonight on
    • Building with Cake.NET – Gareth Burns
    • Entity Framework Core – Eamonn Boyle – INSTIL
    • Our next meetup – Special Guest speaker
    • Other information

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  5. News and links
    • Scott Hanselman – What .NET Dev’s ought to know in 2017
    • http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WhatNETDevelopersOughtToKnowToStartIn2017.aspx
    • Mongo DB for C#
    • https://docs.mongodb.com/ecosystem/drivers/csharp/
    • December Update to Visual Studio 2017 RC
    • Tech Net - Checking compatibility with .NET Portability Analyzer
    • https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/36600.checking-compatibility-with-net-portability-analyzer.aspx

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  6. Our next meetup
    The .NET Open Source Journey
    Executive Director of the .NET Foundation, Martin Woodward, takes us through
    the lessons learnt as .NET has become a true open source platform. He'll take us
    through the reasons why it became open source, talk about some of the things
    they have done right and wrong along the way and then share some thoughts as
    to what is in store in the near future.
    March/April 2017 – Details TBC

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  7. Other business
    • Support the meetup – We need you
    • Sponsors for hosting our sessions
    • Speakers for
    • Tutorials
    • Lightning talks
    • War stories
    • Slides will be made available following the event.
    • Check your emails
    • Next session announced in Feb 2017

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