[Anna Kurylo] Students & Google how not to vanish in the crowd

[Anna Kurylo] Students & Google how not to vanish in the crowd

Presentation from GDG DevFest Ukraine 2015 - the biggest Google related event in the country. October 23-24, Lviv. Learn more at http://devfest.gdg.org.ua/


Google Developers Group Lviv

October 23, 2015


  1. How not to vanish in the crowd Students & Google

    Anna Kurylo Project Manager @ Hackraft Women Techmakers Kyiv Lead EMEA 2015 Anita Borg Scholar
  2. – Larry Page “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s

    information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  3. Challenges Competitions all over the world

  4. #dfua Google Science Fair Participants: individuals and teams from ages

    13–18 Prize: 100 000 USD, travel to The LEGO Group headquarters (Denmark), travel on a 10­ day National Geographic Expedition etc. Winners from Ukraine: Mark Drobnych (2014); Alexey Kozlov, Milena Klimenko (2012)
  5. #dfua Doodle 4 Google Participants: schoolchildren from ages 5–17 Prize:

    50 000 UAH grant for school, Android smartphone, Android tablet & your doodle on google.com.ua
  6. #dfua Google Code-in Participants: pre-university students ages 13–17 Prize: a

    4-day trip to California and visit to Google HQ, hoodies, T- shirts, digital certificates Winners from Ukraine: Illia Kovalevskyi, Stanislav Kryvenko (2014)
  7. #dfua Google Online Marketing Challenge Participants: university teachers & their

    students Prize: trip to Google Mountain View office, computing devices, Hangouts with Googlers, donations for the non-profit partners of 3 best performing teams Winner from Ukraine: be the first one!
  8. #dfua Code Jam Participants: individuals of ages 13+ (18+ to

    attend onsite) Prize: up to 15 000 USD, t-shirts, trip to Google office to attend the final round Winner from Ukraine: Vasyl Biletsky — 2nd prize (2013)
  9. Your chance to become a real employee Programs & Internships

  10. #dfua Google Summer of Code Participants: students, 18+ Goal: open-source

    contribution Duration: three months Participants from Ukraine: Mykola Baluk, Denys Butenko, Kseniia Shumelchyk
  11. #dfua Summer Trainee Engineering Program Participants: • 1-2 yr. student

    pursuing a BS in CS or a related tech field • have programming experience in either Java, Python or C++ Duration: 12 weeks
  12. #dfua Internships for CS students Participants: • 3rd+ yr. student

    pursuing a BS in CS or a related tech field • currently enrolled in a full time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship Duration: 12–16 weeks
  13. #dfua Associate Product Management Internships Participants: pursuing a BS, MS,

    or PhD in Computer Science or a related field, and expecting to graduate in the Spring/Summer of 2017 or the Winter of 2016 Duration: 12–16 weeks
  14. Scholarships

  15. #dfua Eligibility: • Be a female student (for current academic

    yr.) and be enrolled in for the next yr. • Be studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics or a closely related technical field • Maintain a strong academic record Prize: 7 000 EUR, trip to Google office to meet other scholars Winners from Ukraine: Anna Kurylo (2015), Kseniia Shumelchyk (2015), Yuliia Pavliuk (2014), Helen Maevskaya (2012), Maryna Zhygadlo (2011) Anita Borg Scholarship
  16. #dfua Google Travel & Conference Grants Eligibility: • Grants are

    available in North America for all traditionally underrepresented groups in technology and in Europe for women in tech Prize: $500 (North America); €1000 (Europe)
  17. Tips & Tricks Ways to increase your chances

  18. #dfua CV 1. Be honest 2. List your projects (course

    works are good as well) 3. No project yet? Create one! 4. Share your passion 5. Be concise
  19. #dfua Interview Preparation 1. Learn to “think” verbose 2. Paper

    & pencil coding 3. Algorithms & Data Structures (!!!) 4. Questions to interviewers 5. Corvalol
  20. #dfua If you think you’ve done something wrong 1. Corvalol

    2. Google 3. Ask 4. Learn (!)
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