[Rebecca Franks] Practical Image Processing in Android

[Rebecca Franks] Practical Image Processing in Android

Presentation from GDG DevFest Ukraine 2018 - the biggest community-driven Google tech conference in the CEE.

Learn more at: https://devfest.gdg.org.ua


Images can add colour and add character to our apps. People love using images to depict parts of their everyday lives. But when you start working with them as a developer, your opinion on dealing with images may change. How can I easily add image effects to my app?

In this session, you will learn how to process images on Android. Working with ColorFilters and Renderscript can provide your app with functionality to allow users to adjust their images to their liking. You will also learn the basics of displaying and working with images on Android.


Google Developers Group Lviv

October 13, 2018