Rapid Prototyping with Flutter & Firebase: Building a Social Network by Ahmed Youssef

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September 29, 2019

Rapid Prototyping with Flutter & Firebase: Building a Social Network by Ahmed Youssef

We are going to talk about the importance of rapid prototyping and how Flutter & Firebase make for a powerful rapid prototyping combo.



GDG Montreal

September 29, 2019


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    About me - Ahmed Youssef - Mobile Developer at Shopify

    - 6 years Android, 10 years Java - Love to build apps that solve everyday problems
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    Smart Home Controller Integrate home controls with media center Walkie

    Talkie Push-To-Talk chat Hub for gamers Platform for gamers to network and hang out with players in different time zones
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    Local API Storage, database, sync, caching Cloud API Storage, database,

    push notifications Multiplatform Support Android, iOS, Web
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    Firebase (April 2012) Realtime database with login, storage, and push

    notifications Flutter (May 2017) Android, iOS, and web support
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    Common Elements (revisited) Login using FB, Google, email User Profile

    Publish To Blog Message Users New message notification
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    • Create project on Firebase • Add creds files to

    Android and iOS versions • Create Facebook App with Facebook Login product • Add and apply Google Services plugin to Android (using gradle) • Add Facebook meta-data and activities in Android manifest • Add Facebook meta-data to info.plist in XCode • Make Android app multi-dex (using gradle) • Add and configure sign in methods in Firebase • Add URL Scheme to info.plist for Google sign-in Extra Steps
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    Gathering resources and dependencies 1 Hour Writing Code 1 Hour

    Extra Steps 1 Hour = 3 Hours Resource Breakdown
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    Synchronized Friend List Cloud function Push Notifications New message or

    post State Management BLOC pattern Next Steps & Improvements
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