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Contributing, You, and Your Business

46fa959634a063abefcac94eaf191eca?s=47 Mike Schroder
September 17, 2016

Contributing, You, and Your Business

I’ve been contributing code to the WordPress project while being sponsored by DreamHost for about 5 years.
You’ll learn the core contribution process, what this looks like within the business, and how it can help you succeed in the WordPress marketplace.

Presented by Mike Schroder at WordCamp Tokyo 2016


Mike Schroder

September 17, 2016

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  2. Contributing, You, and your Business WordCamp Tokyo 2016 Mike Schroder

    WordPress Platform Lead @ DreamHost @GetSource - https://getsource.net
  3. What is contribution?

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  7. make.wordpress.org

  8. How does DreamHost participate?

  9. Always be testing.

  10. Release Candidate, Beta, Trunk.

  11. File bug reports.

  12. Patch bug reports.

  13. Build new features.

  14. Improve documentation.

  15. Support WordPress.

  16. Support WordPress Events.

  17. How will this help grow my business?

  18. Learn “The WordPress Way.”

  19. Know what to expect.

  20. Prepare your products for coming releases.

  21. Mika and the story of “PURGE”.

  22. Prepare support for coming releases.

  23. Take advantage of new core features.

  24. Influence the future of WordPress.

  25. Barriers to Entry.

  26. Employee time.

  27. Development in English.

  28. Learning curve.

  29. Two things to get started:

  30. Read weekly dev meeting notes.

  31. Always be testing.

  32. make.wordpress.org

  33. Questions? Mike Schroder @GetSource https://getsource.net WordPress Platform Lead @ DreamHost