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Growing in WordPress: One Story.

Growing in WordPress: One Story.

A bit of the story of my life, and story in WordPress from Blogger to Committer, and what's next -- but mostly, the story of my friends.

Everyone's experience matters. Everyone's experience is different. Everyone can grow with the help of their friends. Let's grow together.

Presented by Mike Schroder at WordCamp Ogijima 2018.
Video can be found here: https://wordpress.tv/2018/07/17/mike-schroder-growing-in-wordpress-one-story/


Mike Schroder

July 15, 2018

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  1. Growing in WordPress:
 One Story. Mike Schroder Director of WordPress

    Strategy @ DreamHost @GetSource - https://getsource.net
  2. I’m going to tell a brief story.

  3. Everyone comes from somewhere.

  4. In short: Pennsylvania -> Texas -> Spain -> Michigan ->

    California -> ?
  5. What’s your WordPress “where are you from”?

  6. WordPress: Personal Site -> Tech Support ->
 WP Contributor ->

    WP Platform Lead ->
 WP Core Developer ->
 DH Director of WordPress Strategy -> ?
  7. I did not make this happen.

  8. I did not make this happen alone.

  9. None
  10. None
  11. This is a very incomplete list.

  12. My parents gave me opportunity to learn a second language.

  13. Jason Cosper gave me opportunity in tech support.

  14. Mike Perez pulled me up to a development position.

  15. Helen Hou-Sandí and Andrew Ozz got me started with core

  16. Andrew Nacin pulled me up to a release lead position.

  17. Jonathan LaCour taught me to better understand management.

  18. Mika Epstein taught me to be bold and celebrate diversity.

  19. Aaron Jorbin taught me better diplomacy.

  20. None
  21. Take others with you on your journey.

  22. Share opportunities.

  23. Share your strengths.

  24. Share your differences.

  25. Connect.

  26. “My Friends.”

  27. None
  28. Thank you. • Mike Schroder, a.k.a DH-Shredder,
 a.k.a. @GetSource •

    Third Culture Kid, enjoy Coffee & Sailing • WordPress Release Lead and Core Developer • Director of WordPress Strategy at DreamHost