Pimp your DevOps with Docker: an Oracle BA Example

Pimp your DevOps with Docker: an Oracle BA Example

Nowadays BA development processes have adopted a more flexible and agile approach. With this major change some activities become more and more important like quickly provisioning a sandbox environment for developers right after their kick off of a new project or in a later stage being able to execute a full regression testing suite and implement continuous integration to merge the various parallel development into your prod server. At the same time the infrastructure of these enterprise tools isn't anymore a bunch of physical servers, organizations try to increase flexibility while lowering costs adopting virtual machine or, more recently, moving into containers solutions. Containers are the "next step" after standard virtual machines: the virtualization software runs as an application within the operating system instead of duplicating a full OS. As they are running within the OS they require less resources, RAM as well as storage and increase flexibility. In this session you will first be introduced to the concept of containers and, more specifically, how to run OBIEE inside a Docker container. You will then see how this solution can help you make various DevOps activities simpler while gaining in agility. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery being the key elements of modern DevOps and not so simple to achieve for a "old monolithic" application like OBIEE. Docker makes it possible and almost easy. Instead of having a dedicated "test server" able to run these tests in a serial mode you can execute them in parallel using containers: fire up a fresh container right after a new commit in your versioning system is detected. Run regression testing. Once done the container disappears like it was never there - thus freeing up resources - and you have the regression test output to analyse. And last but not least: all of it automated! You will see an example of an automation use case with triggers running a regression test when a new commit in Git is detected.


Gianni Ceresa

March 09, 2018