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Property Graph in Oracle Database: A Polyglot Solution

Property Graph in Oracle Database: A Polyglot Solution

Property Graph databases are a different way to “tell” a story through connections between objects instead of the typical tables and columns approach of relational databases. Oracle Database 12cR2 introduced support for Property Graph and didn’t stop at a simple support: they made Property Graph a polyglot solution accessible by almost any language. SQL, Java, Groovy, Python, REST api, Apache Zeppelin, Cytoscape - you name it. Property Graph can do them all. One tool speaking many languages. We will show you how powerful it is to use Property Graph in the Oracle Database with the various languages and tools.
(2019 version)

Gianni Ceresa

March 21, 2019

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  1. edge edge label edge properties edge ID directed edge vertex

    (node) vertex properties vertex ID a vertex can have a label
  2. Scalable and Persistent Storage Graph Data Access Layer API Graph

    Analytics In-memory Analytic Engine Blueprints & SolrCloud / Lucene Property Graph Support on Files, Apache HBase, Oracle NoSQL or Oracle DB 12.2+ REST Web Service Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, … Java APIs Java APIs/JDBC/SQL/PLSQL Cytoscape Plug-in R Integration (OAAgraph) Spark integration SQL*Plus, … PGX
  3. • • • • Doesn’t support loading a graph from

    DB !!! • Will support loading from DB
  4. GraalVM will make this part useless thanks to its polyglot

    feature • Python will have direct access to Java objects and methods
  5. WITH properties AS ( SELECT DISTINCT k, t, 'Vertex' AS

    kind FROM sa607vt$ UNION ALL SELECT DISTINCT k, t, 'Edge' AS kind FROM sa607ge$ ) ,cfg AS ( SELECT '.add' || kind || 'Property("' || k || '",PropertyTypeClass.' || CASE WHEN t = 1 THEN 'STRING' WHEN t = 3 THEN 'FLOAT' WHEN t = 5 THEN 'DATE' WHEN t = 6 THEN 'BOOLEAN' END || ')' AS prop FROM properties ) SELECT LISTAGG(prop,'') WITHIN GROUP(ORDER BY prop) FROM cfg;
  6. • • • • • Oracle XE 18c gives you

    graphs for free! Feel free to get in touch for any question or more examples of graphs in Zeppelin or Jupyter