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Communication problems within complex projects

Communication problems within complex projects

lessons learned from real life


May 31, 2014

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  1. Summary • 1 man • ~2 months • 3 pull

    requests • 2/3 pull requests reviewed/merged to master • zero of code is running on prod (waiting for 3rd PR)
  2. Summary • entire team is working • +1 month •

    3rd PR is split into 10 smaller PRs • 8/10 smaller PRs are merged • the team is insanely stressed out • zero of code is running on prod
  3. Summary • the deadline wasn't met – the feature wasn't

    delivered • all new code was deployed on production, but no new code was actually used • the codebase is a mess • me – super stressed, almost quit • the project is being put on "no new features mode"