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Scorpio Season October 2020 - MWC

Scorpio Season October 2020 - MWC

Full Scorpio Season October 2020 PDF.


Goddess Provisions

December 03, 2020


  1. Moon Wisdom Guidebook Cosmic downloads for galactic goddesses what's ahead

    in the stars for OCTOBER 22 - NOVEMBER 21, 2020 Scorpio Season
  2. 2 This workbook is meant to be a helpful friend

    to you, a supporting element in your toolbox for navigating the current astrological season with all the lessons and magic that it holds. Here you will find a ton of information about all the happenings up in the heavens in regards to significant astrological transits — especially the energy surrounding the New and Full Moons for the month ahead. Plus a whole lot more! Perhaps the biggest and most impactful aspect of this workbook is the guidance to help you connect with one of the strongest guiding forces in the astrological realm (especially for feminine-identifying folx): the Moon! Mama Moon shows us what it’s like to be consistent in our inconsistencies in the way she waxes and wanes through her phases. Her presence can be felt daily, whether or not she’s visible, and creating a regular practice of connecting with her can deepen your connection to yourself and your own shifting tides. About the Moon Wisdom Guidebook Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
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  4. 4 What’s Inside SUN SIGN OVERVIEW An in-depth look at

    what this astrological season brings to the collective. SCORPIO ENERGY Connecting with the energy of the season. MOON PHASE CALENDARS A visual calendar of the moon’s phases throughout the month ahead. THE OUTER SPACE Significant astrological transits and aspects to keep in mind. CELESTIAL SPELLS A powerful phrase to meditate on and guide you through the month ahead. THE INNER SPACE Journaling prompts to help you understand your experience of the energy this season. FROM MOON TO MOON Find out what’s in store for the New and Full Moon ahead, and find guidance for some rituals you can do to work with their energy. CYCLE TRACKING Learning to love your own lunar phases. GODDESS GUIDANCE A brief introduction to a feminine deity who embodies the lessons and energy of the season, along with ideas for how to connect with her. PLANT ALLIES A plant or flower who holds supportive earthly knowledge that is aligned to assist you through the upcoming season. ROCK STARS A few crystal friends to keep close by for the month ahead. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Beautiful wallpapers for your phone and computer backgrounds to work with the energy of this season. GALACTIC WORD SEARCH A playful way to learn the key astrological and energetic themes of the month. Have some fun! NOVEMBER BOX SNEAK PEEK Get a glimpse into what goodies await you in next month’s subscription box! Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  5. 5 SCORPIO VIBES AT A GLANCE Sun Sign Overview Peace

    is well and good, but does it get to the truth of it all? Scorpio season pulls us from the potentially passive energies of Libra, and immerses us in the depths of focused concentration aimed at unearthing what might want to stay hidden. Like no other sign, Scorpio will not be fooled. Truths must be revealed because it provides the fuel for feeling what it means to be having a human experience. It allows for the crucial transformations that bring us to the heart of humanness—the consciousness that creates the fertile opportunities for growth and change. A season marked by more momentous astrology, our time with the Scorpion is staged to be fierce, focused, and intense—particularly as we navigate this year’s third and final Jupiter - Pluto conjunction. On November 12th these two will rally once again to connect us back to their previous meet-ups from earlier this year on April 4th and June 30th. A story of upheaval, unearthing and profound catharsis, together they have crafted a narrative they wish to educate us with. Looking back at the times around the two previous conjunctions can provide both anticipation and aid for what to expect and how to navigate it. And yes, those were some pretty collectively heavy times—so preparing mentally and emotionally for the continuation of this educational journey would be wise! This season encourages you to feel for truth, versus thinking with the logical mind. Logic may assist in removing the most obvious options—the ones that are clearly unfit—but then it is up to you to sense the best course forward. This way is walked by feeling into the wants and the desires, and then subsequently acting based on those feelings. But it takes bravery to feel all the feels, to face the darkness that comes with seeking truth. The season of the Scorpion is also marked by the potent portal of Samhain—a cross-quarter day in the Wheel of the Year, also seen as the Witches’ New Year and known as Hallow’s Eve or Halloween. This year the portal is amplified alongside the Full Moon in Taurus happening the very same night. A time when the veils are said to be most thin, and walking between the worlds is welcomed for those willing to navigate the wild spectrum of the unknown and uncharted. The concept of death resides at the far end of the “scary” spectrum for many of us, and to explore this space takes courage. Through the Samhain gate a path is poised, beckoning with it the promise that by diving to the murky depths of all that this season is known for, it also opens the door to the opposite end of the spectrum. Life as a full embodiment of joy becomes not just a possibility, but a likely probability. Scorpio’s darkness is not about doom & gloom or a morbid mindset though—it’s an acceptance of all that life encompasses in order to cultivate the capacity to weed through the superfluous. Work with the energy of this season in order to root yourself deeper into what is most meaningful: building a life by divine design that is immersed in the truths of a fully-lived existence. Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions

    Pluto CONNECTING WITH THE ENERGY OF THE SEASON Scorpio Energy Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  7. 7 SUPPORTIVE CRYSTALS: Amethyst, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz PLANT ALLY:

    Weeping Willow Tree BALANCED ENERGY: Honesty, Presence, Focused, Self-understanding IMBALANCED ENERGY: Invasive, Brooding, Unsatisfied, Self-absorbed Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  8. Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio

    Season • Created by Goddess Provisions FULL MOON = OCTOBER 1 @ 5:05 PM EST NEW MOON = OCTOBER 16 @ 3:30 PM EST October Moon Phase Calendar SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT FULL MOON = OCTOBER 31 @ 10:49 AM EST 1 30 31 2 3 4 9 10 11 16 17 18 23 24 25 8 5 6 7 15 12 13 14 22 19 20 21 26 27 28 29 8
  9. Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio

    Season • Created by Goddess Provisions NEW MOON = NOVEMBER 15 @ 12:07 AM EST November Moon Phase Calender 30 FULL MOON = NOVEMBER 30 @ 4:29 AM EST 9 SAT 10 7 8 9 11 12 13 17 18 14 15 16 19 20 6 5 24 25 21 22 23 4 3 1 2 26 27 28 29 30 FRI THURS WED TUES MON SUN
  10. 10 The planets and stars are ever-changing above us. Here

    are the significant transits and aspects occurring over the next moon cycle: The Outer Space SUN ENTERS SCORPIO 10/22 Tired of Libra’s attempts to never rock the boat, the Sun slips into the dark waters of Scorpio to drive us deeper into the power and possibilities that become present when we have the courage to feel it all, and feel it fully. VENUS IN VIRGO TRINE SATURN IN CAPRICORN 10/24 Lending a kind-hearted hand to responsibilities and self-discipline, sweet Venus helps to ensure that some inner harmony exists alongside all the necessary to-do’s. Today’s transit bodes well for relationships and commitments, and choosing to invest in the efforts needed to nurture them. SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO 10/25 An opportunity to reevaluate the ways you choose to express your true nature—the ways you think and speak about yourself. With both planets in the Scorpion’s realm, this might particularly apply to your notions around things deemed as cultural “taboos” and what influence these have on your ability to be your most authentic self. VENUS ENTERS LIBRA 10/27 At home in the sign of her rulership, Venus brings a sense of ease to the way you show up in your relationships and ability to smoothly navigate compromise. It might be easy to slip into idealism throughout this transit though, so keep yourself in check when it comes to glossing over the sticky spots in pursuit of connection. SAMHAIN 10/31 - 11/1 The Witches’ New Year coincides with a Full Moon in Taurus this year. Said to be when the veil between worlds is thinnest, this potent portal is known for being a time when even Muggles believe in magic. As a cross-quarter day in the Wheel of the Year, it marks a subtle but powerful shift to the time of year meant for going deeply inwards and acknowledging the darkness. enters enters Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  11. 11 FULL MOON IN TAURUS 10/31 @ 7:49 AM PST

    / 10:49 AM EST See the section “From Moon to Moon” for this month’s Full Moon Ritual. MERCURY RETROGRADE IN LIBRA SQUARE SATURN IN CAPRICORN 11/1 With the planets pushing for a bit of melancholy, don’t be surprised if today you find it difficult to express yourself fully. There might be some crossed wires in communicating, but take comfort knowing this is a swift transit, and any feelings of stuckness will soon be solved. MERCURY IN LIBRA STATIONS DIRECT 11/3 Touching back down in the sign of the scales to start moving forward once again, the messenger planet now welcomes a new sense of vital communication within the ways you relate, seek balance, and ideate your own sense of justice. P.S. Do you live in the US and are you a US citizen? Make sure your vote gets counted! Visit vote.org for info. VENUS IN LIBRA OPPOSITE MARS RETROGRADE IN ARIES 11/9 The need to express your passion is pushed and pulled from a sense of inner conflict, potentially creating some external uneasiness. You’d be well served to invest energy in seeking ways to balance the masculine and feminine energies within yourself in order to find harmony. SUN IN SCORPIO TRINE NEPTUNE RETROGRADE IN PISCES 11/10 A prime opportunity for creative expression fueled by your spiritual connection, intuitive downloads and mystical connections. Make sure to give yourself space around this time to dive deep into your own visionary process. JUPITER CONJUNCT PLUTO IN CAPRICORN 11/12 The third and final flare from the fireworks set off by these two meeting up. Already having met in conjunction on April 4th and June 30th, it’s important to reflect on the powerful shifts that were activated around those dates in order to assess and prepare for what this final connection holds in store for the collective. MARS IN ARIES STATIONS DIRECT 11/13 Retrograde since early September, the pumped up planet of passion finally finds itself moving forward. Your drive and motivation are reactivated here after a time of inward initiative. This year has called on the collective to step into action—make sure you utilize this new forward momentum to re-engage if your activism has felt stagnant since the red planet started backtracking. direct direct Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  12. 12 NEW MOON IN SCORPIO 11/14 @ 9:07 PM PST

    / 11/15 @ 12:07 AM EST See the section “From Moon to Moon” for this month’s Full Moon Ritual. MERCURY IN SCORPIO OPPOSITE URANUS RETROGRADE IN TAURUS 11/17 An activation of internal upheaval and the way you think and communicate with yourself and others. Today may feel a bit scattered and disjointed, but the medicine lies in learning how to adapt to inevitable change. VENUS IN LIBRA SQUARE SATURN IN CAPRICORN 11/19 Having an acute awareness & compassion towards the ways you may be compelled to hesitate, or doubt yourself can help you disconnect from the perceived negativity this transit may try to sneak in. Take extra care in how you treat yourself and others around this time. SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS 11/21 Emerging from the dark waters of Scorpio, the Sun in Sagittarius launches an arrow to lift us skyward and begin the quest of outwards expansion through experience, exploring what it means to be human with endless possibilities at our fingertips. enters Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  13. Celestial Spells Words hold great power and can cast spells

    that impact our experience of everyday life—that’s why it’s called “spelling!” Use this month’s Celestial Spell to empower you to live in the light and harness the strength of the current astrology. I SEEK THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS, AND EMBRACE MY SHADOW AS ANOTHER SACRED TEACHER ON THIS PATH

    SELF DURING SEASON The Inner Space How do I respond when I’m confronted with a truth I’d rather not acknowledge? What transformations am I most proud of myself for having navigated thus far in this lifetime? Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  15. 15 What are the buried truths about myself that I

    choose to keep hidden? What might be possible if I brought them out to be witnessed? What does it feel like in my body to experience joy? What does it feel like to experience fear? Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  16. 16 How much value do I place on the process

    of self-discovery? Do I get lost in this process, or do I shy away from it? In what ways do I avoid the shadow aspects of myself by shining a light on other’s shortcomings instead? Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  17. 17 From Moon to Moon FULL MOON IN TAURUS OCTOBER

    31 @ 7:49 AM PST / 10:49 AM EST An auspicious eve, this season’s Full Moon lights the way and welcomes in the sacred night of Samhain. Ancient Druid culture saw Samhain as the beginning of the new year in their calendars, as it was the official end of the growing and harvesting season. Much like a human’s own growth process that begins in the shadowy depths of the womb, this time of year initiates us into the space of darkness that is required before the light, birth and growth can begin again. At such a potent portal, the veil is said to be thinnest between the worlds of the living, and those in the beyond, enabling those from both sides to swiftly wander betwixt and between. This Moon beckons you to examine the darkness, by shining a light upon what you’ve been taught to fear or excuse as undesirable. With Uranus retrograde conjunct the Moon in Taurus and opposite the Sun in Scorpio, there’s an emotional charge in this examination. The planet of all things unorthodox is retracing the steps it made earlier this year in order to emphasize the importance of the decisions and new innovations you’ve chosen for yourself throughout this momentous year. With eyes wide open to the injustices, the power plays, the misinformation and misdirection that we're all navigating every day, you’re being asked to recommit yourself to the work of aiding in the birth of the new world that’s emerging. Shortly before Mercury finds its way forward once again, it squares to Saturn around this time as well. So while the witchy words of incantations may not flow with as much ease around the Full Moon as wished, the strong Tauran energy of this moment enables spells to be cast through the sensual aspects of the physical form instead. Connect with the wisdom of your body around this time, communicating your intentions through it. Know that this wildly powerful but fragile form that you reside in holds the means of making change, should you choose to harness it. AUDIO MEDITATION Find the link to the meditation in your email inbox or by visiting bit.ly/full-moon-taurus By Marissa Bognanno Moon Ritual Meditation: Full Moon in Taurus Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  18. 18 Full Moon Ritual SENSE & SENSUALITY RITUAL The sensual

    mix of Taurus and Scorpio energy around this Full Moon offers you the opportunity for a deep exploration of the physical experience of being in a body. These two signs love to delve into the felt ways of fully existing—within the earthly (Taurus) and the existential realms (Scorpio). They bring us the polarities of sensing—and what better way to honor and expand the experience of sensing than with the magic of your own five senses? For this Full Moon ritual, choose a small piece of food that you know you already love the taste of. Perhaps it’s a piece of dark chocolate, or a slice of fruit. To amp up the sensual experience, set up a ritual space that feels very inviting and connects you even more deeply to your other senses: turning the lights down and lighting a candle, burning incense, playing music, wearing clothes that you feel good in—these are all great ways to invite in a deeper experience of feeling. Once your space and body feel ready to begin, take a seat and create a posture that feels comfortable for you. Center yourself and begin connecting to the energy of this Full Moon by breathing deeply, following the breath and your awareness throughout your body as the air flows in and out, noticing how your body feels in this moment. After a few rounds of deep breathing, take your piece of food and hold it in one hand with the other hand placed on your body— perhaps on your heart or belly space. Draw your attention to the piece of food in your hand and notice the weight, the texture, the color and any other details—making sure to continue to breathe deeply and stay connected to your body. When you feel as though you’ve visually noticed everything about the piece of food, bring it to your nose and experience the scent of it for a few breaths, noticing what reactions this sense creates within your body. Finally, take a small bite of the piece of food and let it sit upon your tongue for a few moments as you become aware of how your mouth and your body respond to this new sensation. After a few moments, begin to chew it, continuing to stay acutely aware of the experience, and doing the same for each next bite of food until it's gone. Once you’ve fully consumed the piece of food, sit with the experience that this brought up for you. How does your body feel as a result of eating this way? How does your mind feel? How is this experience different from the way you may normally ingest your food? May this deep presence and awareness of your existence continue to inspire you throughout the next moon cycle. RITUAL TOOLS Happy Full Moon Goddess! A piece of fruit, chocolate or other small, delicious bite of food Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  19. 19 From Moon to Moon NEW MOON IN SCORPIO NOVEMBER

    14 @ 9:07 PM PST / NOVEMBER 15 @ 12:07 AM These are deep dark times, under the skies of the Scorpion. Does the concept of darkness compel your mind to default to “bad”? Scorpio reminds us that the depth, the darkness of human experience is just that—an experience. Yet another cauldron to boil and brew, the resulting concoction relies on us to determine the final flavor. Just a few short days after this year’s third and final Jupiter - Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, this New Moon ushers us deeper into the dark parts of what’s been rising this year. When planets meet up like this multiple times in relatively quick succession, you can bet they've been trying to relay a message—much like a school curriculum, the lessons build upon one another. Looking back at the previous dates of the first two conjunctions (April 4th and June 30th) will help you to identify the themes that were arising and what your personal curriculum might have been. Collectively, the classroom content has pressed us with a narrative around radical responsibility—for self, community, and soul path alignment. Around the time of the Scorpio New Moon, Venus squares off to Jupiter and Pluto, with a loose square to Saturn as well. This aspect brings the focus onto your relationships, the expectations of commitment, time, power dynamics and ultimately, how your self-worth plays a role in the ways in which you relate. Venus’ meet-up with these outer planets can incite insecurities, loneliness, or isolation. The pull to manipulate may be strong and used as a means of seeking out ways to reaffirm and draw in outside sources of validation (even when these kinds of connections are not based on depth or alignment of the relationships). The rush of wanting to just win someone over to feel a sense of approval and praise can make for relational mixups, with threats and ultimatums potentially present around this time—whether through your own motives, or being on the receiving end from others. The days around this New Moon hold the opportunity for deep transformation within the closest relationships you’re currently navigating. Taking careful consideration for the ways any impulses might be fueled by a self-worth tank low on compassion. Make sure you’re providing for yourself by filling up that vessel of self-value, in order to be able to bring your connections to the new depths and higher heights they're certainly capable of. By Marissa Bognanno Moon Ritual Meditation: New Moon in Scorpio AUDIO MEDITATION Find the link to the meditation in your email inbox or by visiting bit.ly/new-moon-scorpio Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  20. 20 WASH AWAY WORRIES RITUAL Even in the depths of

    Scorpio’s waters, the emotional waves are likely to still reach us, no matter how far down we swim. To try and escape the feeling experience of this season is futile, and quite frankly furthers you from your own internal truths. So while trying to out-swim (or completely avoiding getting wet) aren’t options, there’s also some sweet magic in recognizing what is yours to work with, and what weights aren’t yours to carry either. This New Moon ritual is an on-going process, one that can begin before or during the New Moon and continue on for however long you see fit. Perhaps this becomes a daily ritual to support your own inner tides and well being. Gather up the bowl or cup you’ll be working with, and add however much water you feel called to fill it with. Take this vessel to your altar space, or any place that you can sit quietly for a few moments. Find a comfortable seat, perhaps closing your eyes and, keeping your hands on the container, just breathe deeply for a few moments. As you breathe, envision light and warmth radiating from your heart, down your arms and into your hands, illuminating the vessel of water. Once this energy infusion feels complete, send a blessing of gratitude to the water and then open your eyes. Over the next day (or however long you choose to keep up this practice), whenever the feelings or emotions that are arising within you feel overwhelming, disorienting, or perhaps have a sense of not truly being “your stuff”—send it to the water. Acknowledge the experience, notice where it creates a response in your body, and then visualize it gently leaving your body and settling into the water to be transformed by this powerful flowing element. Choose a place where this sacred container will reside for the coming days—you may want to keep it on your altar, or perhaps set it close to the door to your home. When removing the water in order to replace it or close out the ceremony, you may choose to offer the water to any household or outdoor plant life as a symbol of the cyclical nature of release, growth and transformation. HAPPY NEW MOON GODDESS! New Moon Ritual RITUAL TOOLS Bowl or cup, Water Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  21. 21 Cycle Tracking No matter if you’ve been a long-time

    luna-lover or are just beginning to tune into the subtle but powerful shifts in energy that emanate from the Moon’s ever-changing form, there’s no question about her influence over our experience here on Earth. The Moon’s incredible impact on the ocean’s tides would be the most obvious example, and one that is “scientifically” accepted. But perhaps something less obvious or “proven” is the way our bodies and our minds shift in time with the Moon. This is especially true for those living in a body that experiences a menstrual cycle—often referred to as one’s “Moontime.” As a hormonal cycle that often averages the same number of days as a complete Moon cycle, the menstrual cycle mirrors the Moon’s phases in a myriad of ways, and can provide deep and powerful insights into our lives through the practice of cycle tracking. However, cycle tracking is certainly not just for people with periods. As someone who takes an interest in astrology, you are probably well aware of how the planets play a recurring role in our lives, whether we have a monthly bleed or not. So taking note of your daily experience through cycle tracking can be a beautiful way to create an even deeper connection and awareness of how your body is connected with and responds to the astrological events happening overhead. So how does cycle tracking work? In each edition of your Moon Wisdom Club guidebook you’ll find two charts—one for each of the months that the current astrological season touches. Each calendar shows not only the days and dates, but also the Moon’s phases and the signs it will cycle through during the month ahead, with space for note taking. To get the most out of this practice, you may find printing the calendar and leaving it by your bedside with a pencil to be most helpful. This is a daily practice, so ensuring that it’s easily accessible is key! On the next page, you’ll also find a link to an ebook “The Art & Magic of Cycle Tracking” that will provide you with an even deeper dive into this practice and what to expect through Cycle Tracking. At night before going to sleep, reflect on the day’s experience. In the corresponding day’s slice of the wheel, use either symbols or words to describe your experience (some suggestions have been made in the key below, but feel free to get creative!). Here are some themes with a few potential descriptive words that might be helpful to reflect upon: • Energy levels: low, high, sleepy, wired • Moods or Feelings: excited, inspired, quiet, anxious, depressed, optimistic, frustrated • Physical body: achey, energized, strong, weak, cramps • Socializing: extroverted (wanting to be around people), introverted (preferring to be alone) • Work: trouble focusing, highly motivated, creative, uninspired, team oriented, independent • Sexual energy and/or days you were sexually active • Bleed days (these can be marked in the droplet symbols in each day’s slice of the wheel) All of these themes and words are merely suggestions though, please make sure you are taking note of the things that stand out to and are important to you. As you continue this practice over the coming months, you may be surprised to notice certain patterns that you were unaware of before. Perhaps the day before the Full Moon, your body feels buzzing with energy and your thoughts are scattered, whereas around the New Moon you are called to be much more quiet and prone to writing in your journal. Or perhaps the opposite is true! Regardless of what you find, know that this experience is specific to you and that is the magic of it. The self-awareness that this practice brings can lead to a deeper more positive connection to your body, your mental health and even to the relationships you have with those around you. LEARNING TO LOVE YOUR OWN LUNAR PHASES Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  22. 22 CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE To access this Moon Wisdom

    Club exclusive guidebook for a deeper dive into the practice of tracking your lunar cycles. The Art & Magic of Cycle Tracking Guidebook Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  23. 23 V ery low en ergy, cram ps in PM

    GREAT WORKOUT. NERVOUS/ EXCITED FOR PRESENTATION crappy date, got annoyed and just w anted to be hom e major drop in energy, no desire to cook,. got take out still tired, not interested in hanging out, boobs hurt. W a n t e d a lo n e t im e , m a jo r c h o c o la t e c ra v in g FEELING STRONG! D RIN K S W IT H FRIEN D S - S O M U C H FU N ! DIP IN ENERGY/MOOD STILL TIRED ANNOYED WITH PEOPLE AT WORK nailed presentation, so confident STAYED U P TOO LATE, RELAX IN G DAY LOVEd the new slow flow vinyasa class LEFT OV ARY ACHE - OV U LATION ? HIKED & FELT GREAT A little more energy, yoga felt good excited ABOUT NEW IDEA FOR WORK PROJECT TRIED NEW HIIT CLASS AT GYM LOVED IT S O RE FRO M W O RK O U T , BU T ST ILL EN E RG IZ E D ASKED FOR RAISE @ W ORK GOT IT!!! Fill in the days of your period in these droplet symbols It's ok if you miss a day or two, but try to be consistent! Add in descriptive words about your energy, your physical body or anything that feels important each day of the month How To: Cycle Tracking CHART EXAMPLE Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions

    PRINT-FRIENDLY CHARTS DISSEMINATING MOON October 5th LAST QUARTER MOON October 9th BALSAMIC MOON October 13th NEW MOON October 16th 3:30pm EST CRESCENT MOON October 20th FIRST QUARTER MOON October 23rd FULL MOON October 1st 5:05pm EST FULL MOON October 31st 10:49am EST GIBBOUS MOON October 27th Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions

    PRINT-FRIENDLY CHARTS DISSEMINATING MOON FULL MOON November 30th 4:29am EST LAST QUARTER MOON BALSAMIC MOON NEW MOON November 15th 12:07am EST CRESCENT MOON FIRST QUARTER MOON GIBBOUS MOON November 26th November 4th November 8th November 11th November 18th November 22nd Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions

    Goddess Guidance CONNECT WITH RAGANA BY... Exploring your relationship to the word “witch” Reflecting on your thoughts & beliefs about menstruation (regardless of whether you have/had a period or not) Spend time in the woods at night & connect with the animals who call it home The root of Ragana’s name is translated as “to see” and she is known for traveling about by flying on a stick or branch. An ancient goddess capable of foretelling the future, she watches over all the rites and rituals that are often now deemed as undesirable: darkness & shadow, death, menstruation, aging. In present-day Latvia the word “ragana” means “witch” or “hag”—a further reminder of how this dark goddess became vilified through the arrival of colonization and the shaming of the feminine mysteries. As a seer and master healer, she is able to hone in on any disease and find the deeper means of healing. HER MESSAGE FOR YOU DURING THIS ASTROLOGICAL CYCLE: Within you lies an ancient knowing. Allow yourself to step into the darkness and awaken the wisdom within. Ragana Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  27. 27 Plant Allies for Planetary Support The world of plants

    & flowers is a beautiful place to find earthly guidance and support in order to ground celestial wisdom sent by the stars. A tree known for its expansive root system, it seeks out water with willful determination. Even its name evokes emotion, and emphasizes how important it is to express it. With its long, elegantly curled and draping vine-like branches reaching towards the ground, it creates a safe sanctuary space within its canopy of leaves. It invites passersby to sit beneath and source from its smooth, flowing energy the ability to be with, and move through, all emotional experiences. This dear tree friend is a gentle reminder that while the wind and water and everyday tumult of life may rock us to our core, it is better to bend and flow with the turbulence so that we may stand strong and rarely come unrooted—just like the Willow Tree. WEEPING WILLOW TREE Salix babylonica Plant this ally in a garden, or find a local tree-planting organization to partner with and donate a tree to a local public space. Research the herbal uses of willow as a pain reliever, and its interesting similarities to the modern day medicine, aspirin. Find a Flower Essence of Willow Tree to work with its energetic signature. Go to a public park, garden, farm, florist or botanical garden and meditate with this tree. See the Digital Downloads section for your Plant Ally design and set your phone and / or computer screens with this month’s background to remind you of the plant’s messages each time you look at it. HOW TO WORK WITH WEEPING WILLOW AS A PLANT ALLY Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  28. 28 Rock Stars Crystals hold a deep wisdom that expands

    beyond our current timeline and touches on the ancient knowledge of the stars. Here are a few crystal options to keep on your altar or carry with you to support you throughout this month’s astrology themes: Warding off negative energy, the connection to intuition is heightened so that spiritual guidance may be received When compelled to close off or default to secret- keeping, this gem steps in to help open the heart once again When deep emotions threaten to overwhelm, this stone invites a feeling of calmness as well as protection from psychic attacks An aid for moving beyond the dark murky depths and instead into swifter flowing waters and emotions AMETHYST AQUAMARINE LABRADORITE ROSE QUARTZ Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  29. 29 Digital Downloads Beautiful wallpapers for your phone & computer

    to support you in working with the energy of the astrological season. or check your email for the special link where you can download the wallpaper designs. Click here to download Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
  30. 30 Galactic Word Search Time to play! Find the hidden

    words below that describe the themes for the upcoming astrological cycle V T R G N O I S S A P T M H I E R Z N P O W E R H R Q T P N C U R I O S I T Y A T R E S T D T K L N P L N N D I A U W U E H F A U S L S T B O O E D I X S G E T A F H E E I P I D T I E T H Y O H R E C N S D X I F C G O R C W P I E E S R O O D R L M T A M P S N A B I U N D E N L T A S F S Y H Z Q T B U T S E W U B U D K C N O O Y V S R U S B A O L O D H N G S C S S U C L X L O F I L I K Y M B T K T O R E L E A S E C O N S O I T N F S N O I T O M E CURIOSITY DEATH EMOTIONS FIXED FOCUSED HEALING INTENSITY INTUITION LOYAL PASSION POWER PSYCHIC REBIRTH RELEASE SECRETS SENSUAL SUSPICIOUS TABOO TRANSFORM TRUTH WATER Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
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  32. 32 The Magic Behind the Scenes It takes a team

    to make magic happen! Every person on the Goddess Provisions team has a hand in creating our Monthly Moon Wisdom offerings. This guidebook was written by Em Dewey, an up-and-coming astrologer, certified herbalist and yoga teacher who is positively obsessed with tracking the moon cycle and studying how planetary influences impact our daily lives. Above and beyond her work with Goddess Provisions, Em is the Creatress of Garden of the Moon where she offers lunar-aligned cycle support through herbal teas & flower essences to support folx in their moon time. To connect with Em, head to her website GardenOfTheMoon.co Our New and Full Moon audio meditation rituals are created by Marissa Bognanno, who specializes in helping women find their purpose, path and receive their unique desires. She started her business to help women find their power and manifest miracles in their lives through healing themselves and finding joy in the now. You can find more of Marissa’s beautiful meditations through Insight Timer and her powerful 10-day course to discover how to unlock your own very potent manifesting capabilities. This guidebook was designed and illustrated by our Goddess Provisions resident artist, Jay. She is drawn to the natural, ephemeral and mystical, and aims to incorporate equal parts fun and magic into her designs. Outside of her work at Goddess Provisions, Jay creates hand drawn messages of motivation and authenticity over at Creative Wannabe, and regularly posts her thoughts on Instagram at @creativewannabe_. Madison Sinsel is an artist, designer, and filmmaker in Boulder, CO. She's also the illustrator of the zodiac goddesses featured on the cover of our Moon Wisdom Guidebooks. You can see more of her work on Instagram at @artbymss and mssinsel.myportfolio.com. Moon Wisdom Club • October to November 2020 • Scorpio Season • Created by Goddess Provisions
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