Go Secrets & Gotchas / Yarel Maman

Go Secrets & Gotchas / Yarel Maman

This talk will try to give you a taste of various secrets and gotchas in the Go language, followed by examples.

At first, Maybe you heard about the language or perhaps you’re starting a new job writing Go. So you go through the wonderful “Tour of Go”, then you go over “Effective Go”, maybe watch a few fun videos of Rob Pike on YouTube. Write a small CLI app or a web service. And then you might think you have a notion of Go as a simple language and that it might be difficult to surprise you. Well - You might be surprised!

Over the time, perhaps through a bug or a comment in a Code review, you discover small (and sometimes, significant) details about the language, about its standard libraries, and about its runtime behavior, that keeps you intrigued, and letting you know you still have a lot to learn.

This talk will present a few common gotchas in Go. Some of these I often see in code reviews with Go developers. It’s less about style and more about “hidden” behavior you may want to be aware of.


GopherCon Israel

February 11, 2019