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Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contract Testing

Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contract Testing

“Many teams working with microservices need confidence they don’t break functionality when making changes. System integration tests, functional tests, and sometimes manual tests are older ways to obtain that confidence. These processes may take more than 1 day or even more if different teams or a different company own the services.

To ensure the same level of confidence and speed up delivery, we can create Contracts for integrations between consumers and providers. Contracts created by consumer services need to pass with every build going in production to guarantee the integrations between systems/services work fine. Checking these contracts in a CI/CD pipeline makes feedback loops even faster.

A Contract is a collection of agreements between a Consumer and a Provider that describes the interactions that can take place between them. Consumer Driven Contracts (CDCs) is a pattern that drives the development of the Providers from its Consumer’s point of view. It is TDD for microservices.

This talk covers an end to end demo of contract testing between two microservices to show how to release microservices with confidence, get early feedback, speed up delivery, and comparison with other testing strategies.

Happy CDC!

Gopinath Langote

September 20, 2019

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  1. GopinathLangote Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contract Testing Gopinath

  2. Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contract Testing @GopinathLangote Confidence

    has a common meaning of a certainty about handling something, such as work, family, social events, or relationships. - Wikipedia
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    particular way of designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services. - Martin Fowler
  5. Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contract testing Client /

    Consumer Server / Provider @GopinathLangote Offerings, plans, or strategies motivated by customer demand or expectations.
  6. Confidently Releasing Microservices With Consumer Driven Contracts testing @GopinathLangote A

    contract is a legally binding agreement which recognises and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. - Wikipedia
  7. Payments Team Growth Team Problem Statement @GopinathLangote

  8. Refactoring @GopinathLangote

  9. Unit Tests Mocked Integration Tests Functional Tests Manual Tests Test

    Pyramid @GopinathLangote
  10. Unit Test Limited to method level Not aware of other

    service Trustworthy @GopinathLangote
  11. Mocked Integratio n Test @GopinathLangote

  12. Mocked User Service Not aware of other service Changes No

    Feedback Loop Trustworthy Mocked Integration Test @GopinathLangote
  13. Real User Service Time Consuming Longer Feedback Loop Trustworthy Functional

    Test @GopinathLangote
  14. Manual Test @GopinathLangote

  15. Unit Tests Contract Test Functional Manual Tests Test Pyramid @GopinathLangote

  16. Account Service Consumer Service Contract Test User Service Producer Service

    Payments Team Growth Team @GopinathLangote
  17. Consumer Contract Test Register expectation Request Account Service User Service

    Mock Contract Server TEST Response Contract File @GopinathLangote
  18. User Service Get the contracts Assert the expectations from consumer

    Consumer Provider Mock Contract Server Account Service Provider Verification @GopinathLangote
  19. 1. Setup Expectations @GopinathLangote

  20. Contract @GopinathLangote

  21. 2. Running Test @GopinathLangote

  22. 3. Provider Verification @GopinathLangote

  23. Demo Consumer Contract Test @GopinathLangote

  24. CDC In Action @GopinathLangote

  25. Cloud Storage Contract Brokers Contract Sharing @GopinathLangote

  26. Against Current Build Provider Verification In CI Against Stable Build

  27. Microservices Architecture When services are handled by multiple teams/companies When

    to do CDC? @GopinathLangote
  28. Manually talk to concerned team/partner What if contract fails -

    Communication Automate communication 1. Automatic email 2. Automatic Jira tickets 3. Send alerts to slack @GopinathLangote
  29. Tools @GopinathLangote

  30. 1. JVM 2. .Net 3. Ruby 4. Go 5. JavaScript

    6. Python 7. Php 8. Swift You can implement you own https://pact.io Pact @GopinathLangote
  31. Other Tool janus VCR PACTO @GopinathLangote

  32. Convince Me https://docs.pact.io/faq/convinceme @GopinathLangote

  33. Resources https://github.com/gopinath-langote/Pact-JVM-Implementation https://pact.io https://martinfowler.com/articles/microservice-testing/ https://www.martinfowler.com/articles/consumerDrivenContracts.html @GopinathLangote

  34. Thank You GopinathLangote