The City is not a Site Map - World IA Day 2012 Vancouver

8f83bd4fd60422a16b8b982b9852f7b4?s=47 Gordon Ross
February 13, 2012

The City is not a Site Map - World IA Day 2012 Vancouver

What is a city? How is it organized? How do we make sense of the city? Join OpenRoad VP Gordon Ross as he covers some of the challenges faced in attempting to design information architectures for civic websites. Based on his research for the City of Vancouver’s web redesign project, Gordon will share observations, conclusions, and IA design implications. In contemplating the task of civic IA, Gordon seeks to describe the limits of our abilities as designers to classify and categorize and invites IA’s and designers to look for new methods and inspiration to reflect the richness and complexity of the real world in our designs. (*with apologies to Christopher Alexander)

This talk was given at the IA Institute’s World IA Day 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. @WIAD_Vancouver / #WIAD


Gordon Ross

February 13, 2012