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AutomaCon 2015 - Not Everyone Is Kelsey Hightower

Greg Poirier
September 16, 2015

AutomaCon 2015 - Not Everyone Is Kelsey Hightower

This is the story of how I learned to do infrastructure at Opsee. It's full of excellent fails and exciting victories... and lots of anecdotes about how Kelsey Hightower is amazing.

Greg Poirier

September 16, 2015

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  1. Not Everyone Can Be Kelsey Hightower Greg Poirier Factotum @

    Opsee @grepory
  2. Who am I?

  3. What is Opsee?

  4. What does the first engineer do, anyway? What even is

    a Factotum?
  5. None
  6. Proof of Concept

  7. Mini mum Viabl e Prod uct

  8. I needed infrastructure.

  9. EFPR Loop

  10. Experiment Fail Process Rebuild

  11. Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain

  12. Knowledge Comprehension Analysis Application Synthesis Evaluation

  13. Knowledge

  14. None
  15. Comprehension

  16. Why do we need more than screen?

  17. None
  18. Application

  19. None
  20. Analysis

  21. None
  22. None
  23. Green fielding sure is fun!

  24. None
  25. Let's rub some Kubernetes on it.

  26. And this is when we come to Kelsey Hightower.

  27. Who is Kelsey Hightower?

  28. Why do we want to be Kelsey Hightower?

  29. None
  30. Why can’t we all just be Kelsey Hightower?

  31. None
  32. Kubernetes is really amazing—if you know what you’re doing.

  33. CORROLLARY: If you don’t know what you’re doing, Kubernetes is

  34. Synthesis

  35. None
  36. When considering what to do, optimize for maximum long-term gain.

  37. Repeatable automated builds.

  38. quay.io/opsee/build-go quay.io/opsee/build-clj

  39. gliderlabs/alpine

  40. None
  41. Deploy by restarting.

  42. fleetctl stop foo@{1..n}.service fleetctl start foo@{1..n}.service

  43. docker run quay.io/ opsee/service:latest

  44. docker run quay.io/ opsee/service:${TIER}

  45. So it was totally easy, right?

  46. Everything is difficult.

  47. Ignorance begets frustration.

  48. Enter etcd.


  50. This one time… at CoreOS camp…

  51. Learn etcd the hard way.

  52. None
  53. Evaluation

  54. This is not so bad.

  55. None
  56. None
  57. None
  58. “My biggest obstacle was understanding CoreOS and reconciling some faulty

    assumptions, but I kind of put that off until last week.”
  59. None
  60. Just say no to copy-and-paste infrastructure.

  61. CoreOS is a Linux container hypervisor… not a minor deity.

  62. CoreOS+Docker+Fleet = Tons of infrastructure code we didn't have to

  63. We need a toolbox. quay.io/opsee/toolbox

  64. That’s the story of how Opsee infrastructures and how I

    <3 Kelsey Hightower.
  65. Thanks! @grepory - @opseeco opsee.com