Keeping Your Data Sane with Bean Validation 2.0

Keeping Your Data Sane with Bean Validation 2.0

-- Presented at JavaOne 2017 --

Rich UIs, schemaless data stores, REST-based APIs—the need for powerful data validation is greater than ever. The Bean Validation standard is here to help, defining a rich validation API based on annotations.

Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380) makes validation even more expressive, leveraging Java 8 features such as type and repeatable annotations or default methods. This opens up exciting opportunities for Bean Validation, such as List. Part of Java EE 8, Bean Validation 2.0 can be used on Java SE too.

This code-centric session explores many of the new features right in the IDE. Find out how Bean Validation integrates with specs such as JAX-RS and how to implement your own constraints, ensuring that your data is sane at all times.


Gunnar Morling

October 05, 2017