Migrating to Java 9 Modules with ModiTect

Migrating to Java 9 Modules with ModiTect

The wait is over – Java 9 finally adds modularity to the platform. Well-defined module interfaces, small-sized runtime images containing just the modules an application needs, advantages are manyfold. How to migrate existing applications and their dependencies, though? Automatic modules help, but they don't work with modular runtime images as created by jlink.

In the first part of the session, we’ll introduce you to modular runtime images, introduced in Java 9. We'll then introduce you to ModiTect, a brand-new utility to add modularity to existing frameworks and libraries. We'll show you how ModiTect can be used to transform a classic application to a Java 9 modular runtime image by adding module configuration to existing JARs.


Gunnar Morling

March 14, 2018