The Road to a ZeroWaste Lifestyle

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October 30, 2019

The Road to a ZeroWaste Lifestyle

The Truth About Trash
Why Live A Zero-waste Life?
5 Zero-Waste Lifestyle Hacks



October 30, 2019


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    The Truth About Trash 2.12 billion tonnes of trash were

    disposed of annually (According to The World Counts)
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    Reality Check of the world’s forest is already destroyed 80%

    pieces of plastic are stuck in the ocean 25 trillion marine animals die every year due to pollution Over 100.000
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    It's good for the environment, community, and economy. Harmony between

    humans and nature in the times of environmental crisis is not an option. It is a necessity. Why Live A Zero-waste Life?
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    Kickstart zero -waste habits REFUSE Refuse what you do not

    need. Stop for a moment and ask yourself “do I really need it?” and learn to say no. REDUCE Reduce what you do need. Let go off things you do not use or need donating those things. REUSE Reuse what you consume. There is a reusable alternative on the market for anything that is disposable.
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    Taking small steps to reduce your waste will have a

    substantially positive effect on both the environment and yourself. Keep these in mind
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    Use mason jars or other glass containers for drinks and

    to store leftovers rather than plastic cups and containers. Use a reusable produce bag. Purchase or make your own reusable produce bag and be sure to wash them often! Use reusable produces
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    Shop second hand Consider second-hand clothes from your local op-shop

    and set free of your no-longer-used items to those who needed it.
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    Minimize food waste shopping only for what is needed to

    avoid excesses which lead to food wastes
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    GOING GREEN SERIES PT 3 Make your own cosmetics Homemade

    cosmetics can range from cleaning items, shampoos, to facial cosmetics. It also ensures less usage of harmful items packaged from the industries
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    – Anne Marie Bonneau “We don’t need a handful of

    people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”