When Performance Matters – Effective Performance Testing from the Ground Up

When Performance Matters – Effective Performance Testing from the Ground Up

Slides from my talk at W-JAX 2018: https://jax.de/devops-continuous-delivery/when-performance-matters-effective-performance-testing-from-the-ground-up

The ever-increasing complexity of modern systems, modern DevOps and continuous delivery-centric workflows place new demands on performance and reliability testing approaches. When systems are comprised of many distributed components, each with its own performance and reliability characteristics, and when a misconfiguration that causes a cascading failure under load can be automatically deployed across environments all the way from dev to production in a matter of hours, you really need to make sure that a rigorous, well-understood, and easy-to-follow performance testing process is in place. In this talk, we will look at how an effective performance testing process can be implemented from the ground up (using the open-source Artillery.io toolkit) to be an integral part of an organization’s continuous delivery pipeline. This talk is for developers, QAs, and engineering managers who are working on a greenfield project with high performance and reliability requirements or working on production systems which are experiencing issues when under load.


hassy veldstra

November 08, 2018