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How to Scale Cloud Adoption whilst building a world class Developer Experience

How to Scale Cloud Adoption whilst building a world class Developer Experience

Hibri Marzook

July 22, 2021

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  1. How to Scale Cloud Adoption whilst building a world class

    Developer Experience (DevEx) Presented by: Hibri Marzook • Principal Consultant Ruchir Sanghavi• Account Principal
  2. 2 Hibri Marzook Principal Consultant Helps teams using ideas using

    technology. Likes the challenge of using Public Cloud and Continuous Delivery to help teams deliver at a sustainable pace. Likes to use systems thinking to navigate the challenges of complexity @hibri www.hibri.net
  3. 3 Ruchir Sanghavi Account Principal Helps build a great engineering

    culture. Has a passion for how Developer Experience can accelerate Public Cloud Adoption to help teams adapt. Advocate for adopting best engineering practices and enabling transformation with a DevOps, Agile and Lean approach @ruchirsanghavi
  4. What is DevEx? Developer Experience (DevEx) point-of-view forces the organisation

    to focus on the developer journey to optimise software delivery, and tackle productivity.
  5. Who are the Devs in DevEx? • Do you build

    the platform? • Do you build on top of the platform? • Do you operate the platform? • Do you build/run/own things that run on the platform? 6
  6. Developers will find a workaround to help them deliver Make

    it easier for devs to do the right thing, safely 9
  7. The Walking Skeleton https://www.flickr.com/photos/liverpoolhls/ “A Walking Skeleton is a tiny

    implementation of the system that performs a small end-to-end function. It need not use the final architecture, but it should link together the main architectural components. The architecture and the functionality can then evolve in parallel” Alistair Cockburn 18
  8. Pay attention to .. • Time spent on-boarding • Time

    spent waiting between transitions to environments • Cycle times • Number of times a team has to interact with another team 21
  9. 23

  10. Give Developers Visibility • Don’t lock developers out of the

    Cloud Portals • Provide sandboxes for devs to play around • Read only access to production environments • Access to metrics, alerts and non-sensitive logs • Allow teams to make their own dashboards 28
  11. What makes a Good DevEx? • A good DevEx reduces

    the friction in using Cloud (and entire route-to-live!), in the context of your org • Encourages exploration of Cloud features • Developers bring what they learn outside, into the org • There is always a safe, fast path to deliver business value for end customers
  12. Enabling Developers -The important bits • Add guardrails - not

    roadblocks • CI/CD - faster feedback loops • Safe innovation space - trial and fail-fast • QE Strategy - automation in testing • Communities of Practice - culture of learning • Start small - State of DevOps 2019: Templating methodology is one of the most successful in Transformation