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HashiCorp Tools for Windows

HashiCorp Tools for Windows

An overview of why you should use Packer, Terraform and Vagrant in a Windows Ecosystem.

Hibri Marzook

October 20, 2016

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  1. How is this solved ? • Golden images. • Not

    refreshed regularly • Designed by committee • Doesn’t fit individual needs • Requires someone spending a day or two to build. • Every developer has special needs. • Self built • Not repeatable • Time wasted, less productive @hibri WinOps October 2016
  2. Why Vagrant • Create lightweight (Windows weight ? ) environments

    • Repeatable • Share it • Trash it • Gateway to thinking about infrastructure as code @hibri WinOps October 2016
  3. Do’s and Don’ts • Do script Vagrant with config management

    scripts • Do have a Vagrant file per project • Do use the same config management scripts as used for production services. • Avoid provisioning heavyweight apps ( Visual Studio, SQL server) . Use Packer to build these instead. • Encourage reuse within your organisation. • Also see Boxen (https://github.com/boxen) and Boxstarter (http://boxstarter.org/) @hibri WinOps October 2016
  4. Why do I useTerraform ? • Tool for building, changing

    and versioning infrastructure. • Manages dependencies between infrastructure components. • Share your infrastructure code. • Use the same declarative language between different providers. @hibri WinOps October 2016
  5. Do’s and Dont’s • Do use CI pipeline to apply

    changes from the beginning of a project. • Don’t use Terraform to provision applications. Use appropriate tooling for it. Puppet, Chef etc. • Do use Terraform to provision the infrastructure so that other provisioners can run. @hibri WinOps October 2016
  6. Summary • Packer to build Vagrant boxes for virtualisation and

    cloud images. • Vagrant to spin up and share development environment setups. • Terraform to simplify creating infrastructure and to version. • All of these tools are automation friendly. • Add automation tactically @hibri WinOps October 2016
  7. Links • Packer for Windows https://github.com/ joefitzgerald/packer-windows • Packer for

    Windows 2016 and Windows Containers https://github.com/StefanScherer/packer-windows • Terraform Azure Provider https://www.terraform.io/ docs/providers/azurerm/index.html @hibri WinOps October 2016