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Creating the conditions for an awesome DevEx

Creating the conditions for an awesome DevEx

It's 2022, and software development and delivery is a fractious experience. Developers and teams struggle to get going.
The developer platforms organisations have built are not fit for purpose.
Cloud foundations do not evolve in line with the requirements of the development teams
This session will explore the conditions needed to facilitate developer autonomy and create an awesome DevEx. s
- What makes a good developer experience?
- What are the common stumbling blocks?
- How to architect to manage risk, governance and autonomy
- How to build modern team topologies that don't hinder progress and ensure long-term sustainability
- How to build a culture that is transparent and breaks down silos?

Hibri Marzook

July 13, 2022

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  1. 2 Hibri Marzook Software Practice Lead Help teams deliver fast

    and enjoy doing it @hibri www.hibri.net
  2. 3 Prod Env Non - Prod Env GIT Cloud Provider

    Portal Developer Feedback Seconds - Minutes Feedback Loop is Broken Hours - Days Wall of Confusion Ops Raise a ticket The Wall of Confusion
  3. What is DevEx? Developer Experience is about creating an environment

    in which a developer can do their best work.
  4. A good DevEx reduces Cognitive Load Intrinsic - the task

    at hand Germane - How do I solve x? Extraneous - How do I deploy FooBar again?
  5. What does good DevEx look like? Heroku - do everything

    via the CLI and Git Monzo - CLI tools for devs to deploy, test and interact with services Netflix - evolving standard build tooling to developer tooling
  6. DevEx is contextual Developers exist in an environment that is

    unique to your organisation and environment ?
  7. Example of a Boundary : Pipeline as a Product •

    A versioned library of pipeline steps • Opinionated Pipeline • Evolve pipeline with Governance needs
  8. Conway’s Law 24 “Organisations which design systems are constrained to

    produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organisations”
  9. The SPACE Framework S - Satisfaction and Well-being P -

    Performance A - Activity C - Communication and Collaboration E - Efficiency and flow (Forsgren et al., 2021)
  10. Dispelling Developer Productivity Myths • Productivity is only about individual

    performance • One productivity metric can tell us everything • Productivity is only about engineering systems and developer tools • Productivity is all about developer activity
  11. The most important takeaway from exposing these myths is that

    productivity cannot be reduced to a single dimension (or metric!) (Forsgren et al., 2021)
  12. Key findings Finding flow is key, and interruptions are a

    drag. Minimal or no interruptions give developers an 82% chance of having a good day, but interruptions throughout the day decrease the chance of a good day to just 7%. Meetings are both awesome and terrible. Collaboration improves our work, but too many meetings can be a blocker; going from two to three meetings per day lowered the chances of developers making progress toward their goals by 60%. A two minute daily reflection can help developers improve their days
  13. Conditions for an Awesome DevEx to emerge; 1. There are

    good boundaries for risk and responsibility 2. Team interactions are optimized for fast flow 3. Adopt an Internal OSS Model 4. Focus on creating fast feedback loops
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