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October 01, 2022



October 01, 2022


  1. Book Cover Design Breakdown H I H E R E

    A M I @ G M A I L . C O M B Y A I M É E J E N E S S E The Client requested an illustrated cover for their novel. These slides show the process I went through as an illustrator to achieve the final look (left).
  2. I read the manuscript and extracted different traits present in

    the novel Young Adult Novel Film noir inspired Romance thumbnails descriptions references from other published covers I presented the client design choices with: ''Meghan stands with an elegant dress and hiding a gun behind her back. We can barely see her face: only her hair, her back and the scars she bears. Thorny vines surround and trap her: she's both their source, their rose and their victim. The style is painterly, like the references'' Thumbnail #1
  3. ''Meghan all alone on a half lit city street. Cityscape

    all around her. The very little light there is shines on her like a spotlight. She's holding a gun and she's either facing front or giving her back to the viewer (to display her scar). She's standing upright, although maybe holds her arm. She's half wounded but ready to fight what's coming. Semi-painterly style.'' ''Against a pristine white background, Meghan stands alone. She's laying on the ground on a fetal position, her hands around her legs, hee back to the viewer. From the bleeding wound on her shoulder, the pristine white is tainted by spots of red. They look like blood splotches on the ground but they are roses. This piece would have a very limited palette: Black, white and red. The lineart would be intricate and ink-like.'' Thumbnail #2 Thumbnail #3 This design was selected by the client
  4. Constructing the Color Key Here are some of the references

    used for the style, lighting and color palette chosen Initial Color Key
  5. Inspirations for Background Exploration of character from client description: Pale

    Women with curly reddish hair Red dress Buff Build The Background drew inspiration from several cities such as Edinburgh, London and NYC. Tried to portray the clutter, dark and lights. The city portrayed isn't glossy or clean.
  6. Got feedback on several font choices... And here's the final