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Easy 3D Asset Workshop - Aimee Jenesse

November 01, 2023

Easy 3D Asset Workshop - Aimee Jenesse


November 01, 2023

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  1. Let’s make easy 3D Assets in Maya! A Workshop for

    the Code Coven Community by Aimée Jenesse
  2. A little about me Aimée (ay-meh) or Ami (ah-mee) Argentinian

    game dev, 2D & 3D artist Animation & History Student Fascinated with enviroments and furniture !
  3. Workshop Goals - Get a first experience with Maya. Let’s

    break the fear of the new interface and software - Get a first experience with the concept of Vertex, Edges and faces. - Become familiar with Maya’s Modelling Tools. Let it be UGLY!
  4. Interface Project is the wider folder that contains Scenes, the

    individual files. File - Project Window - Current Project - New - Then save! Layout can be scary! We’ll focus on specific tools and parts of the program. Maya is a 3D software used for modelling, rigging and animation! There’s so much! File - New Scene - Save Scene As
  5. We navigate the Panel Layout’s camera... ALT + ZOOM PAN

    ROTATE ALT + + MOVE SCROLL select Move tool Rotate Tool Scale Tool ... and basic tools!
  6. Vertex, Edges and Faces + DRAG TOWARDS... VERTEX EDGES FACES

  7. Change the Polygon! This is the location of the Polygon

    in the space! Remember the 3D space has THREE AXIS: X, Y and Z! To change the internal properties of the Polygon... Click on PolyCube1 !
  8. Change the Polygon! Channel Box - Inputs - PolyCube -

    Change proportions! Channel Box - Inputs - PolyCube - Change subdivisions - More vertex/edges/faces! Use the Scale, Move and Rotate tools to modify Vertex, Faces and Edges!

    + EXTRUDE DELETE EXTRUDE BEVEL ADD NEW CUTS BRIDGE Poly Modelling - Bridge Tool Edit Mesh - Bridge Poly Modelling - Bevel Tool Edit Mesh - Bevel SMOOTH Poly Modelling - Smooth Tool + SMOOTH SHIFT + MIRROR Poly Modelling - Mirror Tool
  10. Exercise #1 Let’s make A CHAIR AND A TABLE with

    a combination of Modelling Tools, Scale/Move/Rotate tools and playing around with Faces/Edges/Vertex! Let it be UGLY Most models start as a rough block that then is slowly chipped away at or modified!
  11. Concept Art to 3D Art... We don’t model from memory!

    We use either 2D Concept Art (preferable) or real life pictures as reference. Let’s model a BED, CAULDRON and PLANT
  12. To make roots of plants 1st. We make a poly

    plane surface with lots of subdivisions 2nd. We click on 3st. Go to Curves/Surfaces - EP Curve Tool and draw roots! Poly Modelling - Sweep Mesh Tool Transform Taper and Scale to personalise! Use BRIDGE to join roots! 4th. Go to
  13. Export asset... File - Export All/Export Selection - Select type

    FBX export File - Send to Unreal/Unity The scale between your Maya Project and your Game Project may not match. You can fix this while importing your Game Project! I’ll leave a tutorial on the Doc
  14. Exercise #2 Homework! Choose one of the things we’ve modeled

    in class and model it at home. You can also pick from a Pinterest Board I’ve left on the Doc! Let it be UGLY Most models start as a rough block that then is slowly chipped away at or modified!