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PELEA - Art Direction for BG slides

February 21, 2023

PELEA - Art Direction for BG slides



February 21, 2023

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  1. Goverment House It's the only interior we see in the

    short film - a place where we can show and display this world's style in the leading classes - before and after the coup. Most goverment houses/palaces in Latin American have a neoclassical style. Muted colors, round pillars and marble.
  2. Proposal for exterior and building: I propose to step away

    from the neoclassical palace and - instead - we can base the goverment house off CASTILLO DE LA GLORIETA in Sucre. The building is a whimsical mix of very different styles: mudejár, gothic, rennaisance, neoclassical and barroque.
  3. We can use the shape of these spaces as templates:

    Arcs, glass roof, geometric shapes, the gallery with the patio at the center Tour thru the place_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yehpYB9CamQ
  4. I think keeping the arcs and a central patio with

    gallery would be very neat (even if the central patio is the ballroom). The arcs don't need to be the same as Castillo de La Glorieta, though, here are some examples of colonial arcs (and other types) across Cartagena.
  5. Proposal for interior style: We can mix the structure of

    the building (arcs, pillars, internal patio gallery) with elements from Art Déco.
  6. Typical Art déco Characteristics Geometrical patterns or nature based geometrical

    patterns More linearity, featuring geometric shapes, stepped details and radiating forms such as sunbursts Stone, marble or micro concrete floors. Wood, too. Natural materials for furniture. Crystals. Very detailed. Jagged, pointed edges inspired by skyscrapers (such as the Chrysler building) Fabrics: velvets, leathers. Accesories: mirrors, portraits with detailed frames, vases, fruit bowls, candle-holders Luxurious details: polished wood, lacquered furniture, chrome, brass and silver details. Drawer handles, feet ends, or even decorative motifs are made in high-shine metals for a distinctly Art Deco, luxury look. Colors must match well with touches of silver, black and chrome.
  7. We can use wood furniture and plushier, warmer, more welcoming

    colors for places like Daya's room pre-coup
  8. We can use harsher, straighter geometrical patterns and more dark

    colors and metal for Hernando's office and the House post coup Here are examples on furniture, patterns and basic elements even if the colors wildly differ: the geometric patters, the nature elements, the metal elements and the high, sleek furniture stays.
  9. Golden, silver, marble and glass elements can be used for

    the most luxurious places like the ballroom, in combination with other elements. They are always present in Art deco (and we could incorporate them in the rest of the House too) but we can use them mostly in these contexts. We can have geomettrical appliques in all rooms: over the arcs and doors
  10. More art déco examples that are a bit edgier. Note

    how even when the furniture becomes more modern or the designs more crowded, less sleek, the geometrical and maetallic elements along with the crystals stay
  11. More art déco examples. See how the metallic, marble and

    geometrical elements stay even though the color palette radically changes
  12. Summary of proposal The building itself can be constructed using

    Castillo de la Glorieta as a template, keeping the arcs, glass roof, geometric shapes, the gallery with the patio at the center as elements. Interior-wise, we can base this luxurious and modern appeal off Art Déco. Pre-coup there can be a predominance of a lighter palette, more plant-based patterns, more light and crystal, more natural decoration-- in combination with Art Déco elements like geometrical shapes, polished wood and metallic elements (amongst others). Wood and more natural palettes can be used to enhance comfort in this luxury context. Post-coup, we can lean on the steampunk a bit more: decoration is more industrial and there's a predominance of darker colors and leathers - specially on places like Hernando's office. Anyways, I propose keeping Art Déco elements as the base on top of which we add solarpunk and steampunk elements. Palettes and furniture can be changed from one room to the other to enhance what we want to tell (Ex.: the ballroom is luxurious, Daya's room is a safe space then a prison, Hernando's office is as dangerous as he is, etc)