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The future of hearing device - 聽覺領域新的機會及挑戰

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May 19, 2019

The future of hearing device - 聽覺領域新的機會及挑戰

The future of hearing device - 聽覺領域新的機會及挑戰


blue chen

May 19, 2019


  1. The Future of Hearing Device 聽覺領域新的機會及挑戰

  2. Imagine a world that You can't hear. No Education No

    social For a younger For a Elder lots of illnesses For people
  3. Debilitating hearing loss people will be grow to 10% on

    2050 -WHO But wearing rate is only 10%
  4. The biggest challenge in hearing device Dealing with difficult listening

    situations with many speakers. - william demant
  5. A B C C B A Traditional Mems mic ???

    All sound is mixed up.
  6. Using our voice engine, we can separate two speaker’s voice.

    我們會展⽰示下展現聲⾳音能做到最困難場景的 Demo A hello ⼤大家好 5 ⽉月 21 號是 DevDays Asia B
  7. Core Technology A B C C B A Traditional Hearing

    Aid C B A RelaJet Edger A B C Separate voice within 10ms MCU Edge Computing & one mic ??? OK! All sound is mixed up.
  8. Challenges with current technology Other competitors RelaJet pure voice Confidential

    Confidential Voice mic AI or DSP noise reduction human voice + a little Environment noise Voice mic speech separation pure human A voice voice B voice C voice focus on reducing Environment noise pattern Environment noise
  9. 10-20cm 40% less listening effort 50% Better speech understanding!

  10. Enable BLE5.0 and AI processor. Ultra Low power 0.5mA to

    3mA Hearing aid / TWS / Headset R1898 DSP
  11. RelaJet PSAP/OTC solution AI Hearing aid functions Speech separation Recognize

    Filter Bands WDRC
  12. R1898 DSP Product RoadMap RelaJet DSP + AMP RelaJet DSP

    + TWS BT chip Hearing aid function Supported BLE or ASHA Audio Streaming For Hearing Aid For OTC Auxiliary Hearing function AI Noise cancellation keyWord Detection (Your name/ warning noise)
  13. Hearing aid retail Professional requirement Adjustment smarter! Base on AI

    Hearing / healthcare Service
  14. We help the world

  15. RelaJet Edger
 精確辨識語⾳音並轉⽂文字 B A 客服您好 我今天是要問關於⼿手機費 ⼀一般語⾳音轉⽂文字模型

    我今天是要問關於⼿手機費 客服您好 我今天是要????機費 ⾃自動化語⾳音分析系統可取代⼤大量量⼈人⼒力力 延伸應⽤用:利利⽤用錄⾳音檔進⾏行行客⼾戶分析
  16. More Hearing, More Future. We help world hear better.

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