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Don't Forget the Little (?)

Ad70f16162dd3a135bc8073055fabbba?s=47 Milton Jackson
November 15, 2013

Don't Forget the Little (?)

An introduction to responsive design. A talk presented at the Start Up Institute in NYC.


Milton Jackson

November 15, 2013


  1. Don’t Forget The Little (?) Developing Responsive Websites and Web

    Applications Milton Jackson @iammilton
  2. Introduction The Worldwide Leader Side Gig Dude! UX • Design

    • Front End Development UX’er • Designer • Front Ender Web Application Developer HR Guy • Cash Stalker
  3. Be Prepared! But I have to deal with this too!

  4. Why? Consumption Trending Down

  5. Why? The Elephant is still in the room

  6. Why? Cash is King! $

  7. Responsibly Responsive

  8. Remember Your Audience

  9. So Brilliant!

  10. Set Realistic Expectations (1) Just because it looks good, doesn’t

    mean it’s not sour!
  11. Doubly Wonderful: 2 concepts for a successful responsive designs (2)

    CMS • Best Available Screen
  12. Our Process All roads lead to… 3 development strategies (3)

    Single Code Base • Dual Code Base • Server Side
  13. Single Code Base The Biggest Loser Winner @media all and

    (max-width:500px){ }
  14. Dual Code Base Good Luck!

  15. Server Side https:/ /github.com/serbanghita/Mobile-Detect Control! <? if($isMobile){ // do this

    } ?>
  16. (4) You Are Not Alone Adobe Shadow Aptus CSS Tricks

    Twitter Bootstrap Framework (etc)
  17. I’ll shut up now! Let’s work!