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(de)constructing architecture

Ian Rumac
February 01, 2023

(de)constructing architecture

Ian Rumac

February 01, 2023

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  1. architecture=? 1.: the art or science of building specifically: the

    art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones
  2. mvp x mvc x mvvm (2022, the artist is a

    machine) model The every thing box view
  3. same problem, new blog post 4 giant controllers/presenters/vm( 4 fuzzy

    states & cross-polinatioC 4 “where do we put this”
  4. less typing, less reading, less thinking $ noise = cognitive

    loa $ code = bug3 $ think laz5 $ simple names
  5. write to read read to write, 2 does it sound

    good6 2 is it easy to reason about6 2 if I read it out loud to my mother
 would she think I’m speaking
  6. systems, not siloes 3 focus on the bigger pictur 3

    no overgrown controller 3 independent components
  7. rigidity scalability, & flexibility 8 handling edge case& 8 enabling

    new features5 8 making your life easie" 8 use the compiler
  8. states and components, not managers and controllers ( easily scalabl2

    ( repeatable, saveabl2 ( can easily spli$ ( can move in scope
  9. keep it simple, stupid!  dont overenginee1  hide the

    pipin&  write for human  explore code