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Flutter Live Zagreb 2018 - What the Flut(ter)!?

Ian Rumac
December 04, 2018

Flutter Live Zagreb 2018 - What the Flut(ter)!?

A talk held at Flutter Live viewing party/meetup in Zagreb and later on Flutter ZG meetup.

Focused on basics of Flutter and idea of using Flutter just as a UI toolkit for your existing app logic via channels.

Ian Rumac

December 04, 2018

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  1. What’s this.. flutter thingy? • Crossplatform mobile SDK • Based

    on Dart(lang) • Developed to make mobile development faster • Developed by the brains behind Webkit, HTML5 & tons of other stuff.
  2. Dart? • Developed by Google, (ab)used by Google • Year

    over year one of the fastest growing languages • JIT & AOT • Static but dynamic • Expressive and portable
  3. Yeah, but.. this time it’s different! • Different approach to

    rendering • No bridges to native components • Draws a custom view on a Canvas • UI is structured as a tree • Composition over inheritance • Only subtrees that have changed state are redrawn
  4. Flutter 101 Widgets: Stateless • Properties passed to Widget •

    No state management • Can’t be simpler
  5. Flutter 101 Widgets: Stateful • Have state containers • Are

    redrawn on setState • State management is left to you
  6. • Protocol to establish platform <-> flutter communication • Binary

    serialization of messages • Support async messaging via await, Future • Can invoke methods and return responses • Can pass arguments and data Platform Channels
  7. What do you mean, magic? • We love Kotlin •

    We love the Kotlin ecosystem • We’re following clean’n’solid principles • UI development on Android is slow and painful • UI development in Flutter is fast and easy
  8. 1. Button widget calls native method
 channel 2. Kotlin calls

 … 3. API returns response 4. Data is multiplied by random 
 and shuffled 5. Data is serialised to JSON 6. JSON is sent through channel 7. JSON is deserialised in Flutter 8. Flutter changes state of component
  9. • Easy UI writing • Great rendering pipeline • Hot

    reload • Great language • Composability • Rendering approach • Portability • Need to learn dart • Dart Ecosystem • APK Size (not really) +: -: